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Critics have gunned down the The Dark Tower film, decrying the attempt to adapt Stephen King's brilliant book series. Not everyone involved with the film forgot the faces of their fathers, though. As early as the trailers, fans spotted cool Easter Eggs from other Stephen King works such as The Shining and It. But did you catch these four Easter Eggs from book series?

Stephen King Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed In 'The Dark Tower'

1. 19-19

The number 19 and its mystical significance recurs throughout many of Stephen King's works, including The Dark Tower series. In the film, Jake Chambers sees the numbers 19-19 in his dreams. Later, when thinking back on both his dreams and the drawings he created from them, 19-19 serves as the coordinates he uses to venture by portal from Keystone Earth to Mid-World where he meets Roland Deschain (Idris Elba).

2. Horn of Eld

The book series creates a rich mythology, much of which sadly didn't translate to the movie. An element of this richness is briefly conveyed during one of the film's many expository moments; it's revealed that the gunslingers are descendants of Arthur Eld, and their guns are forged from the steel of his sword known to us as Excalibur. Arthur Eld is a fascinating way of incorporating the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to the mythology surrounding the gunslingers.

In addition to the steel in the gunslingers' weapons, another treasured possession passed down from Arthur is the Horn of Eld. Roland's good friend and fellow gunslinger Cuthbert carried the Horn of Eld until the devastating Battle of Jericho Hill where he died blowing the Horn. Roland did not retrieve the Horn of Eld, though, and does not find it in his possession again until the end of the book series when his quest for the Dark Tower begins yet again. This crucial change is a hint that this quest will end differently for Roland and his Ka-tet.

Over a year before the movie's release, tweeted the following picture featuring the Horn of Eld:

This tweet confirmed that the movie would serve as a more of a sequel to the book series rather than a straightforward adaptation — Roland is on a quest that begins with the Horn of Eld in his possession. The Horn of Eld can be seen peeking out of Roland's pack throughout the film, signaling that this is a new journey and things will end differently this time.

3. Blaine the Mono

Blaine the Mono is easily one of the creepiest characters in The Dark Tower series. This sentient monorail who not only became suicidal but held a passion for riddles doesn't appear until the third and fourth installments: The Waste Lands and Wizard and Glass. However, while audiences missed out on Blaine's riddles in the film, his face was still quite present.

This subtle Easter Egg occurred when Jake and Roland stumble upon what looked like a decaying theme park, and among the decay stumbled across something resembling the face of a choo-choo train — a reference to Blaine's alias, Charlie the Choo-Choo. Perhaps this time around Blaine lost his life while crossing through the theme park?

4. The Roses

Roses play an integral role in The Dark Tower series, and you'll notice them cropping up throughout the book series:

  • The rose in a New York City vacant lot; its survival is intertwined with the Dark Tower itself
  • The field of roses surrounding the Dark Tower, which is known as Can'-Ka No Rey
  • The convent known as Our Lady of the Rose
  • And — in the movie's blink and you'll miss it moment — the graffitied roses, just visible at the end of the film as as Roland and Jake depart for their next adventure. This Easter Egg ties in with the film's hopeful tone — the Dark Tower continues to stand, now with both Roland and Jake serving to protect it.

The film certainly does not do the book series justice, but at least it contained these cool Easter Eggs that connect to some of the best elements from the book series.

Want more info on how The Dark Tower ties into the Stephen King universe? This video explains it all:

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What other Easter Eggs did you catch in The Dark Tower? Sound off in the comments!

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