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There are other worlds than these... and it turns out that they're all connected! That's right, guys. While the majority of us may be left reeling from that first incredible trailer for The Dark Tower, hardcore fans of Stephen King's epic may have spotted an easter egg from The Shining that confirms all of the author's movies could be connected in one shared universe.

We've always known that Stephen King's vast bibliography is tied together by saga, binding each of his books into one epic tale, but no tangible links have been made between his movies... until now.

“Come Play With Us, Roland..."

The Dark Tower [Credit: Sony Pictures]
The Dark Tower [Credit: Sony Pictures]

In between all of Idris Elba's badass gun-slinging moves, there's a scene in The Dark Tower trailer where young Jake Chambers talks with a psychiatrist, presumably to deal with his visions of Mid-World and Matthew McConaughey's Man In Black. Suddenly, the office is hit by a tremor or earthquake, and for the briefest of moments, the trailer zooms in on a picture shaking on the psychiatrist's desk.

Looks like a nice place to visit, right? Sure, if you like creepy twins, bloody elevators and rotten old corpses who try to lure you into their bathtub. For those of you who share Stephen King's distaste for Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining, let us be the ones to tell you that the building pictured is in fact The Overlook Hotel, where a certain Jack Torrance spent too long chilling out in a maze outside.

The Dark Tower [Credit: Sony Pictures]
The Dark Tower [Credit: Sony Pictures]

In theory, this allusion to Stephen King's most successful adaptation could have just been included for fans of his work. However, you don't have to possess Danny's gift to know that this Easter Egg is probably far more significant than that.

After all, The Dark Tower is the center of creation in Stephen King's world. Each floor contains a different reality which binds each of his books together, enabling certain characters to cross over into seemingly unrelated stories.

By proving that the events of The Shining occurred in the same reality as the movie adaptation of The Dark Tower, other films such as IT and Misery could easily be linked in too. Hell, it was Matthew McConaughey's Man In Black who took advantage of the mayhem caused by Captain Trips in The Stand, so we wouldn't be surprised if the actor appeared in the upcoming adaptation of that story as well.

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Thankee-sai to director Nikolaj Arcel and the team behind ' The Dark Tower for finally confirming what we all hoped would be true. Between this and the upcoming TV show Castle Rock, fans of can finally see his work adapted in the expansive way it was always intended. Just keep an eye out for more shared universe links when The Dark Tower is released on August 4, but remember; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


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