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Hile, gunslingers!

For years now, fans of Stephen King's magnum opus, the Dark Tower series, have been accustomed to soaring hope followed swiftly by crushing disappointment, as the massively ambitious screen adaptation has seemingly taken two steps back for every one step forward, with studio after studio suddenly turning gun-shy about putting their money where their mouths are.

When last we palavered, director , one of the few to not have forgotten the face of his father, said things were still very much in the works for The Dark Tower adaptation. And after that...nothing.

But is Hollywood badass ready to tackle the role of Roland Deschain of Gilead, last and greatest gunslinger of Mid-World? According to The Schmoes Know industry mole "The Phantom", the answer is yes, yes he is.

Not only that, they also dug up some info about the framework of the sprawling series:

Ron Howard is going to make this with MRC and Imagine for around 60 million or so. And he’s likely doing this next. There’s going to be a TV series as well since it’s MRC and I’m thinking it may end up being at Netflix.

So it looks like Netflix is on board, after all.

Again, this is speculation, and even if it's true, everyone from to have been attached to the role of Roland, so it's highly likely that with the production delays, Neeson will also have to cry off. But with the news also breaking today that Breaking Bad breakout was also recently in talks with Howard about playing the role of wisecracking Eddie Dean, and the swirling rumors that come Hell or high water, The Dark Tower will likely be the project Howard works on next, might there finally be some light at the end of the tunnel for fans of Roland's ka-tet?

Neeson is by far the most fitting candidate they've had attached to the role of Roland Deschain so far, so let's hope the project will take a jump forward and finally go into production before long.

Let me hear your thoughts: Is Neeson the right guy for the role? What about Aaron Paul for Eddie? Sound off in the comments below, and, as always, follow me on Twitter.

Long days and pleasant nights to you, gunslingers.


(Source: The Schmoes Know)


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