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Horror fans and zombie enthusiasts alike have been raving about the Ford brothers, and , ever since their breakout 2010 hit The Dead. The film was an international success, and it cemented the likelihood of a sequel. We're finally getting one with The Dead 2: India, and it looks like it's going to be even more stunning than its predecessor. Here's the synopsis, courtesy of JoBlo:

'The Dead 2: India' follows the story of American engineer Nicholas Burton () in a race against time to reach his pregnant girlfriend Ishani (Meenu). Burton enlists the help of an orphan street kid Javed (Anand Goyal) and together they make a perilous 300 mile journey across deadly landscapes as a zombie apocalypse threatens to engulf the entire nation.

A brand-new trailer has been released, this one focusing on all the horror film festival buzz and critical acclaim it's been picking up like an avalanche rolling down a mountain:


There is definitely a wide-scale World War Z-meets-The Walking Dead vibe happening in this trailer, which I am all about.

The Dead 2: India is playing at Screamfest in L.A. this month, so expect to hear it being picked up for stateside distribution sooner rather than later.


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