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I think it's safe to say that in this day and age, it's hard to avoid spoilers. Whether it's from a random social media post, or your friend accidentally spills the beans in person, there's nothing quite like that sinking feeling that sets in once you uncover a major spoiler about your favorite TV series or movie. And speaking from experience, it never gets any easier — once the show/film is spoiled, the whole experience is spoiled.

With 's highly-anticipated series The Defenders hitting this week, the streaming service has used the beloved to highlight just how annoying it can be to have your favorite show spoiled for you. Overhearing a spoiler-ridden conversation between Iron Fist and Elektra, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen himself Matt Murdock takes a stand, playing the role of "Netflix's Newest Spoiler Blocker" as he objects to the detailed conversation. Check it out below:

Objecting To Spoilers

While the promo is undoubtedly humorous, it's primarily an important message to all of us who intend to watch The Defenders — don't spoil it for others. As this isn't the first time Netflix have produced one of these video messages, it's clear that the streaming service is taking a stand against spoilers. We saw a similar promo released last year for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, in which stars Lauren Graham and Alex Bledel attempted to discourage viewers from spoiling the long-awaited "last four words" of the series.

With the rise of streaming services and the binge-watching era, it's getting considerably harder to avoid spoilers. And the main reason for this is due to the fact that once a series is added to its digital platform, you can immediately scroll to the end and spoil the ending for yourself. While that might be a fun, albeit extremely bizarre, activity for one person, it isn't fair to those who truly want to enjoy the experience.

The Defenders have a new opponent this time — spoilers. [Credit: Netflix]
The Defenders have a new opponent this time — spoilers. [Credit: Netflix]

With a great evil manifesting in Hell's Kitchen, it's pretty cool that the Defenders have taken time out of their action-packed lives to spread such a positive message. If we've learned one thing from this trailer, it's that really hates spoilers. And so do we!

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