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Evil is about to get a whole new outlook on life when come knocking. Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage are coming together to put an end to the Hand's sinister goals, which have been developing for the past two years. The show is only three months away, and marketing is ramping up.

Last month, dropped a pretty great trailer that showed the tension that arises when these four heroes come together.

Now, Marvel has released a set of five cool motion posters. The show's social media promotion has been quite clever so far, and a new batch of motion posters released today continues that approach. Each Defenders' Twitter account unveiled the posters, and each features a different hero in another hero's environment. Let's check them out:

Danny Rand Can't Get Into Harlem's Paradise

What do you get when you put a billionaire in front of a highly sought-after club? Not much apparently, since Danny Rand get into Harlem's Paradise. Luke Cage fans will remember the Paradise, formerly owned by Cottonmouth, now in the hands of the ruthless Mariah Dillard.

There's something very important to take away from this poster. If you look at the far right, you'll notice a newspaper with Danny's face on the cover, showing he's, once again, a wanted man. In Iron Fist he was cleared after Harold Meachum framed him, but it looks like he'll be a fugitive once again in the Defenders. The reason for that is a mystery, but given how he'll be taking on the hand, it's easy to assume they're responsible for that. And that got me thinking something: Showrunner Scott Buck stated that being a criminal-fighting billionaire would eventually become a problem for Danny, so he would find a way to get around that:

"He is someone who is rather well known as a billionaire, so he can’t necessarily go out in public and do the things he does without being recognized. It does become an issue for the character.”

So, is this what pushes Danny to get his signature costume? It's completely possible, after all, even Finn Jones teased the elusive attire on Instagram.

Iron Fist Waits To Hang Out With Jessica Jones

Poor Danny Rand didn't know he should hang out with our badass P.I. earlier, because she's always late. So late in fact, that the martial artist turned to meditation right outside Alias Investigation:

Fortunately, got the memo, as the tweet's caption reads:

"Meditation tip: Make plans early with Jessica Jones. She's always late."

Good for you, Danny.

Jessica Jones Teases Danny Rand

was late because she was waiting for Danny outside his company. So, this entire time Danny has been meditating at her place, Jones has been reading the New York Bulletin at his. Maybe these two want to focus more on better scheduling.

We all know Jessica has a problem with alcohol. That's evidenced in the caption, as Jones calls out Danny for Rand Enterprises not having any liquor on hand:

"Your lobby could use a bar, Iron Fist."

Don't take it personally, Danny.

Jessica Jones Faces A Financial Challenge

Another poster features Jessica Jones sitting right outside Pop's Barbershop, drinking a cup of coffee. For anyone who knows how things work inside the shop regarding swearing, you'll know just in how much of a problem Jones is:

Case in point, even the caption warns Luke to prepare for the wave of profanities coming his way:

"Get the swear jar ready, Luke Cage."

Yikes. That will be a lot of money.

Luke Cage Is Ready To Fight Daredevil

Okay, this is perhaps the most exhilarating motion poster. It features waiting for Matt Murdock in his local gym, totally ready for a fight:

Cage teases Murdock in the caption, telling him:

"Hey Daredevil, let me know when you want to go a round or two."

The fun thing is that these two actually battled in the comics. As you can imagine, it was a brutal fight.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Cage's willingness to take on the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is amusing when we remember that, during Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic-Con last year, Mike Colter stated that the other heroes (except for Jessica Jones), would not stand a chance against him:

"Well, it’s not fair to spar with any of those guys because it would not be a fair fight. I mean, let’s be honest. You want me be the punching bag so that they can get their aggression out on me? And I just stand there and take it until one of them hurts their hand? Sure. I can be a punching bag."

In light of that, if I were Daredevil, I'd stay as far away as possible from a confrontation with the man.

Luke Cage Visits Matt Murdock's Favorite Bar

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson love Josie's bar. It's a place with less than questionable sanitary conditions, but the pair of lawyers love it. Unfortunately, it looks like Luke Cage isn't a fan of the place.

Apparently, Cage knows his way around the bar scene, as the Twitter page told Matt Murdock:

"Hey, Daredevil, Luke Cage can show you some better dices in Harlem."

Hopefully Matt will stop drinking that mystery water Josie keeps giving out in her establishment.

Daredevil's A Trish Talk Fan And A Rand Enterprises Visitor

Trish Walker is a well-known radio host and Jessica's bff, and Luke Cage enjoys listening to her show during his morning runs. Matt Murdock is a fan as well, as his motion poster shows him sitting at a bus stop with a Trish Talk poster:

Unlike his fellow crime-fighting comrades, however, got a second motion poster, released through the official Defenders Twitter page. This one just shows the blind lawyer on the 13th floor of Rand Enterprises, getting ready to go somewhere else:

The main thing to take away from these posters? We are living in a time where seeing these characters interact with each other's worlds is actually possible. Aside from that, the marketing strategy for The Defenders has been incredible. Despite the show being set in such a dark corner of the , Marvel's found a way to take advantage of the characters' personalities and give us an amazing ride leading up to its release.

The Defenders will defend New York on August 18, 2017.


What was your favorite 'Defenders' motion poster?


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