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It may have taken them each some time to realise, but all four of The Defenders have finally arrived at the conclusion that New York City is just too big to be defended by just one man (or woman). For fans of each individual Marvel Netflix show, the reality of seeing Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage & Iron Fist join forces in their own team together is almost too good to be true.

However, aside from the first trailer — which included one of Marvel's signature hallway fights — promotion has been lighter than Daredevil creeping through the Hand's headquarters. Fortunately, in the run-up to San Diego Comic Con, Marvel have finally graced us with our first look at the team together in costume, standing side-by-side and ready to defend the NYC cityscape behind them.

Not only does this poster confirm that will stop wearing Jessica's scarves around his head and actually don his superhero spandex, but this is also our first official look at Iron Fist in costume and it's remarkably faithful to the comics.

The Defenders [Credit: Netflix/Entertainment Weekly]
The Defenders [Credit: Netflix/Entertainment Weekly]

Suit Up!

In the first season of Iron Fist, Finn Jones alternated between wearing grungy clothes and snazzy suits, none of which came even close to embodying his comic book outfit onscreen. In contrast, Daredevil suited up by the end of his first solo arc and both Cage and Jones included brief glimpses of their traditional attire on screen. The closest that we saw to Danny Rand in his green and yellow garb was during a black and white video clip that revealed a past wielder of the Iron Fist from 1948. Details of the costume were extremely hard to make out, but fortunately, a behind the scenes photo surfaced online that showcased the outfit in full.

Iron Fist [Credit: Instagram]
Iron Fist [Credit: Instagram]

While the poster featured above still lacks the bandana that Iron Fist is known for, the green and yellow color scheme combined with the open shirt represent our closest rendition yet of Danny's comic book costume onscreen.

This early reveal may surprise diehard fans who expected to not see Iron Fist in costume until the second season of his show hits Netflix. Despite the negative reviews, some of which seemed decidedly unfair, Finn Jones discussed the possibility of the show being renewed during Comicpalooza 2017, where he also semi-confirmed the debut of his superhero costume;

“I hope so. I really hope so. I think moving forward to Season 2, we’ll see something like that.”

However, the SDCC poster has revealed that things may move faster than we previously thought. Does this mean that Iron Fist will wear this same outfit at some point during Season 1 of The Defenders? While there's still a chance that this won't happen, it would certainly be a shame to tease fans like this without delivering on the show itself. need to win fans over again after the divisive first season of Iron Fist and staying true to the tone of the comics could certainly work in their favor.

Let's just hope that the show runners take some time to let train properly this time though. Even the best and most comic book faithful costume in the world won't be enough to save him if the fight scenes in turn out to be as chi-t as those we saw in Season 1 of .

Do you think we'll see Iron Fist's traditional costume on The Defenders? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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