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Launching in 2015 with Daredevil Season 1, Marvel's Netflix shows have proved to be a remarkable success. They've given us a glimpse of the ground-level of the MCU; a world where brutal vigilantes tear through the New York underworld, where mystic assassins raise the dead, and where the powers of mind-control are used in the most horrific of ways. But all attention is currently focused on the next Netflix show, The Defenders, which promises to unite four of our heroes in battle against the Hand and Sigourney Weaver's still-mysterious Alexandra!

Now, finally, Netflix has released an intriguing teaser — and it looks to have finally given us The Defenders' release date!

'The Defenders' Will Premiere In August 2017

To everybody's surprise (and not a little confusion), today Netflix released a unexpected video with a pretty dull name: 'Midland Circle Security Elevator B'. But fans will react as soon as they hear the name "Midland Circle", as it's the site of a building owned by the Hand, which has recently been the location of some mysterious excavations. No surprise, the security footage shows a ragtag band of four heroes: Matt Murdock, Danny Rand, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. And here's the interesting thing — Netflix deliberately added a timestamp. As the video progressed, Jessica Jones disabled the camera. And she did so at a very precise time.

08:18:20:17. Or, to turn that into a date, August 18th 2017. Which, coincidentally, is a Friday — the day on which Netflix like to release their new shows. No surprise, Marvel's official Defenders Facebook page now confirms the release date.

But What's Going On?

The clip seemed to tie in with the intro sequence we learned about back in January. Entertainment Weekly reported that all four heroes would head to Midland Circle of their own volition, and cross paths in an explosive team-up. No surprise, that will lead to perhaps the most explosive hallway sequence Marvel's ever made, with all four heroes taking on the Hand. Of course, the fascinating question is: what will lead these four heroes to Midland Circle?

The dynamic in the surviving photo looks seriously amusing, with all four Defenders clearly uncomfortable. Jessica is the consummate professional, a private eye who susses out the security camera. Danny is faux-relaxed, Luke is tense. And Matt Murdock... well, let's just say fans are going to be fascinated by this image. After all, for some reason Matt isn't in costume; he's wearing a makeshift mask. It suggests either that Daredevil has backed out of the vigilante business in the wake of Elektra's death, or that some crisis hit that has forced him to leap into action when he's not ready.

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So now we know, Marvel fans; we'll be returning to this dark corner of the in August this year, for an 8-episode series that's as much an event as it is a superhero show! But this single image just deepens the sense of mystery around The Defenders — why are they uniting? Who is Sigourney Weaver's Alexandra? And how will Jessica react to Luke's relationship with Claire? Right now, we don't have many answers - but we finally have a release date!


Which of the remaining Marvel Netflix shows of 2017 are you most excited about?

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