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The Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Departed is to write and executive produce a new drama for premium subscription channel, Starz. The Wrap TV is reporting that will pen the 1960s-set drama, Crime, described as "a study of criminal enterprise and scandal across 1960s Britain."

Monahan himself seems really keen to explore the criminal underbelly of 1960s London, explaining:

There’s very little more interesting to me than the Sixties in Britain. Taken from Profumo to psychedelia, from the London criminal world to the worlds of art and fashion -- all of which continually intersected. I know one thing: it’s very, very, funny.

There's a hell of a lot of source material for Monahan to work with there, with the Profumo Affair alone involving the then British Secretary of State for War having an affair with an alleged Soviet Spy. Sometimes life really is stranger than fiction.

Although Crime is still in the development stages, it's another Starz original series that has attracted some top Hollywood writing talent, with The Dark Knight Trilogy co-writer having penned the upcoming Da Vinci's Demons for the channel.

As for Monahan, he's recently finished work on the screenplay for 's The Gambler and 's Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

This guy is good.


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