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Scott Pierce

Our friends near the bayou need to be on the lookout: It looks like Jurassic World may be filming in Louisiana from April to November. This speculative piece of news comes from Screenrant who point out that other high profile movies like the flop Battleship and the upcoming Oblivion have shot in the same space. But the director of studio operations at Raleigh Studios in Baton Rouge had this to say:

"We are glad [NBC/Universal is] considering bringing more production work to Baton Rouge in the near future, whatever that may be. But nothing is confirmed at this point, and I guess you never really know until the office opens and they start building sets."

So, it looks like something may be shooting in Louisiana that may or may not be everyone's favorite series about dinosaurs. We've had virtually a decade of Jurassic World rumors and at this point I'm ready to have it happen or just pretend like it was never in the works to begin with. Maybe after Jurassic Park is re-released, I'll really start clamoring for another dino crisis.

We don't have any news on a director or what possible cast will be returning or any new cast. Until then, I'll just watch this on repeat:


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