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Cult film The Room is regarded as the worst movie of all time. It will make you cry with laughter, but for the wrong reasons. When you watch the film, it's crazy to think how anyone actually agreed to act in it. Somehow Greg Sestero did. The book The Disaster Artist is Sestero's account of some of the hilarious antics that went on during the making of The Room and gives a unique insight into the mind of its mysterious creator: Tommy Wiseau.

The Disaster Artist became so popular that it caught the attention of actor James Franco, who adapted it into a film, and stars himself as Wiseau. The film is due to come out later this year and, from the trailers, it's promising to be just as hilarious as the book. However, many fans of the novel have been speculating about what is going to make it into the film and what will be left out. Here are some unforgettable moments from the book that should definitely make it to the big screen.

'The Disaster Artist' [Credit: Simon & Schuster]
'The Disaster Artist' [Credit: Simon & Schuster]

Tommy Wiseau's Sketchy Backstory

Throughout the whole book, the audience wants to know the answer to one question: how did Tommy get so rich? Here's a guy who wears terrible clothes (not forgetting his trademark two belts) and he seems to be tight with money — he haggles with the waitress in every restaurant — yet he's able to fund a $6 million movie. Sestro keeps us guessing right until the very end. It is eventually revealed how he went from rags to riches, but the story is told in small sections to build up more suspense.

Now that his story being told through film, it begs the question, how will they do it? Will they use flashbacks? Will they use a montage? Will they cut it out completely? Personally, I think it is essential to include the story of how Tommy made it in America and financed his own film. It was one of the most fascinating parts of the book and one of the keys to unlocking the mystery that is Tommy Wiseau.

When Tommy Rips Off Greg's Showreel

In the book, Greg reminisces about his acting showreel that consisted of shoddily pieced together footage from his part in a B Movie called Retro Puppet Master. The reel was scored to classical music and it sounds pretty cringeworthy. Needless to say, Tommy Wiseau, authority of good taste, absolutely loved it. The day after viewing Greg's showreel, Tommy boasts: "I watched it twelve times so far"

He loved it so much that he went out and produced his own "commercial" that was an exact replica of Greg's showreel. There's a part in the video where Greg is walking down some stairs in period style attire surrounded by candles. How does Tommy's film open? You guessed it: flamboyant period clothing, stairs, candles.

So why should this bit make the cut? Well, there's something about this particular story that would be really funny to see on film — perhaps it's the image of terrible acting and over-the-top costumes. It would be hilarious to watch Franco's take on this incident and it has great potential for visual comedy.

The Billboard

We know from the trailer for The Disaster Artist that The Room's famous Hollywood billboard will make an appearance. However, will Franco include all of the hilarious facts?

In the book, Greg writes in detail about some of the billboards more absurd features, like an RSVP hotline (to Tommy's own personal number). There was also the text: "Only In Theaters," which is puzzling, due to the fact that it wasn't playing in any theaters. The funniest part is that the billboard stayed in the same spot in for five whole years. Why did he keep paying for it to stay there when most blockbusters only keep a billboard spot for about a month?

It's difficult to think how this detail could make it into the film. Perhaps they call back 5 years after The Room premieres and discover that the same poorly designed billboard is still there. In any case, it looks like it has definitely made it into the film, if only for a snippet, which is still pretty awesome.

What part of the book would you most like to see make it in the film? Leave a comment below!


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