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When hit theaters at the beginning of the year, its incredible box office success meant plenty of good things: that it was possible to sell a lesser known comic book character to a large audience, possible to make plenty of profit from an R-rated superhero movie, and even possible for Fox to nail the big screen adaptation of a comic book.

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Considering the project had reportedly taken years to get the green light from the studio — even requiring the leak of footage and the vocal support of fans to get it going — we loved to picture Deadpool as a passion project, pushed through the stormy waters of blockbuster production by a small but determinate crew. But this unified front recently crumbled when it was revealed that director Tim Miller had left the boat ahead of Deadpool 2, reportedly because of irreconcilable creative differences.

Miller And Reynolds Didn't See Eye To Eye On The Movie's Budget

'Deadpool' / 20th Century Fox
'Deadpool' / 20th Century Fox

"Creative differences" can mean a lot of things, but when the announcement of Miller's departure from the Deadpool 2 production dropped, fans were incredibly surprised. How could the alchemy that yielded such a guilty pleasure kind of a movie end up in diverging visions?

According to The Wrap, the dissonance emerged as soon as the sequel was announced, with Miller leaning towards a typical big-budget production, while and the screenwriters, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, argued for a small-budget movie in the vein of the first one, hoping to keep a low-key and slightly scrappy vibe that would match the antihero's own attitude.

This explanation just contributes to the confusion, however, as Miller had stated in March that he didn't want to go down the blockbuster route just because Deadpool had brought in the cash:

"I don't think bigger is better. You tell a story that's organic to the character. Deadpool's world doesn't mean you have to go bigger. I don't think the fans of the movie like it because we had big effects."

Did he suddenly change his mind? On top of the budget and style of the movie, the casting of Cable is rumored to have split the team, so it's possible the differences simply piled up.

Everyone's Still Got A Great Project On Their Hands

However, that doesn't mean Miller can't rely on his success story anymore: Fox have appointed him on Influx, a thriller based on the novel by Daniel Suarez. Meanwhile, Deadpool 2 is still in good hands with Reynolds and Reese and Wernick on board, so we can only hope the new director will match their creative vision.

After all, Reynolds and Deadpool have merged enough already that we can count on the former to honor the latter.


Would you be Team Miller or Team Reynolds on 'Deadpool 2'?

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