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Will Wharton

For all you Dead-Heads out there who, like me, have been craving for their next fix of The Walking Dead, here's a tiny morsel to keep you going until the ship comes in from Colombia with a more substantial amount of the good stuff.

As we all know (and if you don't WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?) the world of The Walking Dead is in quite the state of chaos when we left it. Rick had made his presence well and truly known to the people of Woodbury and The Governor isn't far away from leading an all out assault on the prison and our gang of plucky survivors. Undoubtedly, however, the largest loose end has to be the fabulous fighting Dixon brothers.

Could the Dixons be about to tear each other apart? After searching for his brother, is Daryl prepared to end his life to save his own? If this new clip is anything to go by it looks like no questions will be asked, this fight is on, the people have spoken!

Whoah! This is going to be one epic showdown, folks. For once, there's no flipping through your Walking Dead Comics Compendium to get a sneak peek at what happens next! No way. We're off book and in uncharted waters! Here there be dragons!

The Walking Dead returns Sunday Feb 10 9/8c only on AMC!


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