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Sophie Atkinson

For one thing, it's based on the seriously creepy Dostoyevsky novella of the same name, and for a second, it's all about my favourite film-and-book trope: doppelgangers.

If Richard Ayoade's name sounds familiar, that's cause you probably watched the wonderful Submarine (2010), which was cute as a button and visually stunning but a whole different ballgame from this much darker looking flick.

A new trailer's been released for The Double and it looks pretty wonderful. It's atmospheric and backed by blues and features Jesse Eisenberg in an ill-fitting suit and his doppelganger dispassionately following him around and duckloads of big Hollywood talent like , and .


There's also some suitably eerie stills...

Will you be watching The Double when it hits theaters in 2014? Let me know below.


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