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When I heard that something called The Emoji Movie was being made with actual dollars by a real movie studio, I immediately grabbed my phone and texted a vomit face to my friend, unaware of the irony.

But when I watched the first trailer for ' The Emoji Movie just now, something strange happened. The crying emoji I sent to my friend wasn't the "crying with despair" face. It was the "crying laughing" face, the go-to emoji for when you've been legit tickled by something.

This movie looks smart. And funny! There's a poop joke and I didn't hate myself for laughing at it! It even achieves the Herculean feat of making "meh" an acceptable thing to say out loud, IRL, once again. What kind of 2009 rewind?! Perhaps this movie will even explain the existence of the king shrimp emoji.

Hit pause on that facepalm and watch the first Emoji Movie trailer below:

The storyline of The Emoji Movie is something about Gene (T.J. Miller) embarking on a journey of self-discovery to shake off the shackles of the "meh" emotion he's meant to embody and become a multi-expressional being. Let's be real, though, nobody really comes to a movie like this for the storytelling.

We're here for the laughs, and on that score The Emoji Movie looks like it delivers. Joining Miller in voicing the emojis who live inside kids' phones are Anna Faris, James Corden, Patrick Stewart, Maya Rudolph, Sofia Vergara and Christina Aguilera, which is a pretty killer cast worthy of a shocked face emoji.

The Emoji Movie hits theaters July 28.

Is The Emoji Movie a big fat WTF, a pleasant OMG or a full-on ROFL?


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