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We all use countless emojis on a daily basis to convey our happiness, sadness, frustration and even our desire to puke. Due to the popularity of those smileys, we got The Emoji Movie, a story about an emoji who, unhappy with his monotonous life, decides to venture into cyberspace to find his own path.

Ever since its announcement, there's been a lot of doubt surrounding the project. The first trailer for the film was released a few months ago, but it didn't manage to change public opinion.

Still, plenty of us thought the same thing about films like Wreck It Ralph and The Lego Movie, and those became critical and financial successes despite their weird premises. So we kept our minds open — we could have been staring at the next animated hit!

Fast-forward a few months later. Despite The Emoji Movie's star-studded cast (which includes and ), and a relevant storyline about a misunderstood character getting away from the pack to find a new purpose, the film has crashed critically –– like, hard. The review embargo for the movie finally lifted, and the 18 counted reviews came down to a staggering 0 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes:

[Credit: Rotten Tomatoes]
[Credit: Rotten Tomatoes]

For now, The Emoji Movie has joined the infamous 0 percent rating movie hall. To give credit where it's due, that's not an easy to do. Every single aspect from the film was criticized, from its main characters to its questionable humor. The A.V. Club explained:

"There was probably never going to be a version of this film that would prove even remotely plausible as a movie someone felt passionately about making for artistic reasons; as far as expanding on smartphone-related IP, this is an even weaker starting point than Sony Animation's recent 'The Angry Birds Movie.'"

The Hollywood Reporter said that, while basing a movie around emojis sounds absurd, the premise had potential. Sadly, this project didn't take advantage of it:

"'The Emoji Movie' really is 'meh.' There have been worse ideas, but in this case the execution isn't good enough to bring the notion of an emoji movie to funky, surprising life."

Keep in mind, the score will probably go up in the coming weeks — but at this point, nothing will save it from being a critical flop.

Will The Critical Reception Impact The Film's Box Office Run?

[Credit: Sony Pictures]
[Credit: Sony Pictures]

There are two ways to look at this situation. On one hand, plays a bigger and bigger part in a movie's box office success or failure — it's blamed for the recent underperformance of Fantastic Four, Shut In and Batman v. Superman, which all scored higher than 0 percent. So could be staring at a pretty challenging road to success.

On the other hand, however, this is a children's movie. There are a lot of parents willing to take their children to an animated movie without listening to the reviews, just to entertain the kids for a few hours. The Boss Baby is only 52 percent fresh, but it was a huge box office smash.

The Emoji Movie has had an impressive marketing push so far, so I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a moderate success just from the people looking for a film for their kids. If you're curious to watch it, the film is currently out in theaters.

What do you think about The Emoji Movie's Rotten Tomatoes score? Will you go see it despite the negative reviews? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Rotten Tomatoes]


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