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is a Brit actor, most famous for playing Billy Mack from that Christmas flick everyone pretends not to like, Love Actually, in which he was on abrasively good form and trying to promote a bad Christmas pop hit.

Nighy obviously made a big impression on his Love Actually co-star , as The Walking Dead star was at the Walker Stalker Con this weekend, and is reporting that he was all up for a bit of Nighy bromance:

I'm trying to get him on the show [Walking Dead] by the way guys... Spoiler!

Don't play with us, Lincoln. I want this BAD. In fact, this is what I'd say to Nighy, if he got cast in The Walking Dead:

Nighy also played Shaun's () stepdad in Shaun of the Dead, so he's already had a brush with zombies. What do you guys think?



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