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Mad Mel returns to Blu-ray in style this summer!

Before post-apocalyptic sequel Mad Max: Fury Road rides into theaters in 2014 (and it's going to be nothing less than awesome, by the way), you may be planning a Mad Max movie marathon, inviting all your pals over and battling it out in a fight for biker-duds supremacy.

In which case, you'll be pleased to hear that in an early announcement to retailers, Warner Brothers will be releasing The Mad Max Trilogy on Blu-ray on June 4th.

Though Mad Max and Road Warrior have long been available on Blu-ray, this is the first time that Thunderdome will be available on the format. So, if you're looking for a reason to take a day off, I can't think of a better excuse.

All the movies are set in the near-future in Australia. From the very first flick, Oscar-winner proved a master at creating the gritty, bleak dystopian world and staging the incredible car stunts and crashes in the era when stuntmen, not computers, achieved the effects. Plus, with all the bad press that is receiving, I can always count on his Mad Max movies to remind me of happier times.

If you can't get enough of Mad Max, we're going to be seeing Mad Max: Fury Road appear sometime next year, starring , and . Head here for all the updates.



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