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This article is about the evolution of the characteristics of zombies, from Victor and Edward Halperin's White Zombie all the way to Marc Foster's World War Z.

The vision of zombies has been majorly altered over time. One of the first zombie movies was named White Zombie. The zombies in it where Voodoo zombies who where controlled by a master. They where mindless and did the bidding of their voodoo master, they where slow and very non-effective.

The genre was changed by the Grandfather of the modern zombie George A Romero, who created the movie Night of The Living Dead. This movie turned the zombies from voodoo zombies ruled by a master to independent, unintelligent beings who are only controlled by their most basic animalistic urge to survive, and their fear of fire. This movie was also one of the first zombie movies to have a African American survive till the end of the film.

The Resident Evil movie series is one of the most loved and generally freaking amazing zombie movie series to date. Paul W.S Anderson is a great director and caster. Milla Jovovitch was perfect for this movie, and the series majorly boosted the popularity of zombie movies. This movie gave a reason for why zombies took over the world instead of just having them there.

The movie World War Z is a recent major block buster hit that had the fastest, most intense and frightening zombies ever. This movie was adapted from the popular Max Brooks book of the same title. The movie changed zombies from a mild herd mentality to a total hive mind that could pile upon each other to find food. The only down side to the new and improved zombies was that they needed a healthy host to occupation. This was their downside because it allowed people to infect themselves with sicknesses and go through them undetected.

So, to sum up, the zombie genre has changed from voodoo zombies controlled by a master to fast dangerous, frightening and seemingly unstoppable killing machines!!! The genre has changed drastically over time. Over more time I'm sure it will change even more into an almost unrecognizable genre that will cause controversy between the modern day zombie fans and the future zombie fans.


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