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Back in January, teased that ex-Pres. Bill Clinton might want to board The Expendables 3. Will it happen? Well, this latest nugget of plotline tease from Expendables Premiere is reporting what just may be Clinton's tie-in for the highly successful franchise.

Give it a read and see what you think:

It's no surprise that the kung fu legend is slated to join the growing cast of action superstars for Expendables 3. Chan is to play a former team member that aids Stallone and his crew in saving the president.

is also to return; this would be the second time the kung fu movie legends have worked together. And for any action-junky, this will make the popular franchise even more exciting.

Another kung fu movie great, was also believed to be attached to the film. But word has it that he backed out of the project.

Still the list of old school action heroes continues to grow with names like and . This could be the biggest collection of action heroes ever in one movie.

Not that the movie really needs a plot (besides punch, shoot, and blow stuff up), it's just a massive action franchise about good guys bashing bad guys in the nose. With guns. But I guess there has to be a reason to fight in the first place, and rescuing the President is as good a reason as any, right?

If this is the real deal, have our Seagal rumors for the franchise also been confirmed? And will Clinton be stepping up as the man in the Oval Office? Drop your thoughts below!


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