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Dawn Lodrigue

First we saw a vampire in love with a girl as pale as the dead and not nearly as charming. Next we saw a girl and guy possibly fall in love in a fight till the death. Now we are seeing a demon killer love an artist in a warped love story. So do you wonder what is coming? Well, I have a little insight. An angel is going to steal the heart of an accused possible bad girl, repeatedly…

Lauren Kate’s “Fallen” series is about to begin production! Addison Timlin and Jeremy Irvine are set to star as Lucinda(a.k.a. Luce) Price and Daniel Grigori, the male and female leads in this gothic and theologic style series. Welcome to Luce Price’s world, where she may have killed a guy, she is not sure... She is sent to a boarding school as punishment where she meets two very striking young students, Cam and Daniel. One wants her attention, one would throw hell at her to scare her away, which is probably why she is drawn more to him. Slowly Luce realizes there is a reason Daniel has been pushing her away, and that love is not the biggest issue involved. They have loved before, and because of it, she has died a hundred times.

I remember “City of Angels”. When I was a very young teen, the story of an angel loving a mortal in this emo style movie with amazing music and visuals and quotes captivated me, and partly made me want to steal the heart of an immortal. This will be a different angel love story. Daniel and Cam are fallen angels, and Daniel is punished for all of eternity for loving Luce since the beginning of time. Imagine being the reason an angel is damned. Now imagine as punishment every time you turn seventeen in the lives you have lived, you meet that angel and die.

This movie will take gothic love story to the next level, with dark characters and situations, God fearing to a realistic scenario, and love to a questionable worth. For the record, I may petition to have Evanescence write the theme song for this movie. Imagine the hard rock opera style opening heaven and hell up in a love story. Yes please…


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