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Now, 's franchise may have already made an absolutely ridiculous amount of money at the box office, but Dominic Toretto and pals have never exactly been the kind of folks to stop at "ridiculous." After all, there's always a bigger scheme to pull off, a bigger car crash to cause, and — crucially — even more money to be made at the global box office.

The latest news regarding the upcoming eighth installment in the franchise — — then, would likely bring a smile to the (entirely fictional) faces of its leading characters. Y'see:

'The Fate Of The Furious' Could Be Heading For A Huge Opening Weekend

That, at least, is what The Wrap is now reporting, with the latest industry tracking apparently suggesting that Fate of the Furious will make somewhere between $110 and $120 million in its domestic opening weekend. Which, with the film set for release on April 14, could make it an excellent month for Universal. After all, the film looks set to see little competition at the box office, with few studios seeming to have had any interest in putting their carefully wrought investments up against a franchise whose last installment made $1.5 billion worldwide.

Of course, even a $120 million opening weekend would still be considerably smaller than the $147 million opening for Furious 7, but with that film famously seeing a one-off box office bump from audience curiosity in the wake of star 's death, a $120 million opening weekend for its immediate follow up would more likely be seen as a major coup than a mild disappointment.

The big question now, then? Whether The Fate of the Furious will actually make $120 or so million, or whether it could — perhaps with the help of positive reviews or a carefully modulated final marketing push — challenge Furious 7 for the series' biggest haul to date.

What do you think, though? How much do you think Fate of the Furious will make on its domestic opening weekend? Let us know below!

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