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Now, while there are a whole lot of reasons to be entirely over-excited by the prospect of the magnificently silly-looking Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets hitting theaters this July, fans of the director will surely argue that one stands out above all the rest: Its director, , is back in the outlandish sci-fi cinema saddle, much as he was for 1997's iconic (and deeply divisive) . Which, if you have a fondness for giddily out-there science fiction, is about the best news you could possibly ask for.

The even better part, though? It turns out that 's arrival on the big screen is going to bring a fan-pleasing return right along with it. Y'see:

'The Fifth Element' Is Heading Back To Theaters, Thanks To 'Valerian'

'The Fifth Element' [Credit: Gaumont / Columbia Pictures]
'The Fifth Element' [Credit: Gaumont / Columbia Pictures]

Specifically, it turns out that The Fifth Element — 20 years old this year — will return to theaters for two days in May, accompanied by a special preview of Valerian, and riding its accompanying wave of Besson-related enthusiasm.

That's right. If your local theater happens to be participating, you'll be able to watch The Fifth Element on the big screen on May 14 or May 17. And heck, because we've always got your back, you can even find out whether it'll be coming to your area right here, right now.

Now all we need is for Valerian to live up to its lofty expectations, and we'll be all set for a gloriously Besson-filled summer.

What do you think, though? Will you be heading to one of those special Fifth Element screenings? Let us know below!

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