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The first review of 's The Bling Ring has hit the Interwebs, courtesy of Film Comment's Kent Jones, and it argues that it's one of her best efforts since Lost In Translation. If you weren't excited about this movie, you should be. Here's the glowing review of Coppola's latest:

Like Somewhere, The Bling Ring sneaks up on you. Somewhere during the first visit to 's house (if it isn't the real thing, it could just as well be), you might find yourself, as I did, alternately charmed, mesmerized, and horrified by the lives of the characters and the homes they enter. Halfway through the film, Marc and Rebecca wander through what is supposedly 's open-plan house at night, viewed from an exquisite remove several tiers above in the Hollywood hills, the sounds of howling coyotes and wailing police sirens quietly echoing in the distance—a suspended spell of uncanny beauty, and one of the most beautifully lyrical stretches I've seen in a movie in ages.

I'm not sure if Coppola's film ends as satisfactorily as it might have—resolving a narrative about characters who lead unmotivated lives does present its dramatic problems—but I don't think it matters all that much. Unlike Spring Breakers, with which the film will inevitably be compared (alongside 's The Canyons), The Bling Ring goes about its business quietly but with a tremendous purity of focus. The film casts such a lovely spell that its full force may hit only after the lights come up.

Sure, on a shallow, superficial level this movie just looks like sliding down a stripper pole with annoying, obnoxious teens that have no real ambition in life. However, that's also true to the inspiration of her character, based on Pretty Wild's Alexis Neiers. I'll just explain in GIF form:

My reaction:

Amazing. I know a lot of you write this movie off or go into a frantic Twitter rage about it, but if Coppola created accurate representation of these kids' ridiculous crimes and courtroom drama that followed, it'll be an interesting look at how we dissect and categorize the modern idea of "fame," especially when people suffer from drug addiction. Sure, it'll undoubtedly be compared to Spring Breakers with the whole "bad girl" angle, but I feel like this movie won't be as divisive as that fever dream was. Let me know how you feel about the movie here and in the comments below.


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