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If there is a novel, chances are there has or will be a TV or film adaptation made of it, no matter how ill-advised (For every Shawshank Redemption there is a Maximum Overdrive).

So it is no surprise to read the news from the fine folks over at ComingSoon that the new teaser trailer for the TV adaptation of Under the Dome had debuted during the Super Bowl last night.

What does the trailer show us? Well...not much. Unless you can find a lot of meaning and subplot in a 15-second clip of a picture of an invisible dome and a hazy, purple sunset.

Still, the novel has the "right" kind of plot for the zeitgeist of today's TV tastes, and under the direction of the right person, it could end up being a gritty drama along the lines of AMC's The Walking Dead graphic novel adaptation. Granted, there is a world of difference between what can be freely shown on AMC versus the censoring that will have to be done on the family-friendly CBS, but perhaps this speaks to a desire by CBS to get away from the lukewarm, bland comedies that have been its bread and butter for the past few years.

A truly interesting choice of director has already been made for the pilot episode: . Yes, the director of the original Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Don't ask, just go with it and be happy there's a bonafide director getting this thing off the ground). The talented Brian K. Vaughan is the brains behind the screen adaptation. You might remember a little TV show for which he helped write, edit and produce called LOST. So, this project has some pretty legit names attached to it, which is why it would have been nice if there had been SOME sort of information in the trailer.

Still, I'm looking forward to this adaptation, and REALLY interested to see if the finished product will remain as gritty as the original novel.

Under the Dome premieres on June 24th on CBS.


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