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Alisha Grauso

In light of this being Dexter's eighth and potentially final season, Showtime is already busy finding a replacement to fill the inevitable void that will be left when its clear star series is no longer in play.

That replacement could very well be upcoming fixer drama Ray Donovan, starring the ultra-talented in the titular role. Donovan is a taciturn trouble shooter or "fixer" working for L.A.'s elite and wealthy.

Showtime has released a new trailer in advance of the drama's premiere that highlights some of Donovan's more quirky eccentricities and the seriously seedy underbelly of Hollywood in which Donovan finds himself.

It remains to be seen whether the show and Schrieber, in his first regular television role here, will be able to fill the shoes left by Showtime's most notorious serial killer. Still, Ray Donovan already has an all-star cast lined up, with as an ex-con and head of the Donovan clan and as Ray’s long-time client and mentor. and are his brothers and rounds out the cast as Ray's wife.

It looks like it has the potential to be pretty good, no? Schreiber is always best in gritty roles, and Showtime rarely makes a misstep lately. Ray Donovan premieres after Dexter on June 30th, only on Showtime.


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