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After the shocking Season 3 finale of The Flash, it's understandable that fans would be expecting big things from the show's upcoming fourth season. With Team Flash left as the protectors of Central City, we will undoubtedly witness a brand new era for the show. But with that new era will come two brand new faces.

As the cast and crew of The Flash gathered at San Diego Comic-Con, they discussed the upcoming season. And in doing so, they dropped two major Season 4 casting announcements. Check them out below:

Danny Trejo Is Coming To Central City

Film veteran Danny Trejo will be joining the show to portray Breacher. The character is a feared bounty hunter from Earth-19, who also happens to be Gypsy's father. While we don't know much else about the character in general, this is undoubtedly great news. Not only does it mean that we will be seeing much more of Gypsy (who will explore her relationship with Cisco), but it will also be great to see Trejo doing what he does best.

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

This isn't the first time that the shows have relied on film veterans for supporting roles. In fact, last season, relied on Dolph Lundgren to portray the villainous Konstantin Kovar. The actor commanded our attention in every single on of his scenes and I have no doubt that Trejo will do the same on The Flash.

With roles in films like Heat, Con-Air and Desperado, as well as appearances in shows like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and The X-Files, Danny Trejo has been a regular on our screens for over 30 years and I can't wait for him to add The Flash to his incredible career.

DeVoe Has Been Cast

For the first time ever, the Big Bad of of The Flash's fourth season will not be a speedster. While we already knew that Clifford DeVoe (a.k.a. The Thinker) would be coming to Central City to cause trouble for Barry Allen, we didn't know who would be portraying him. But now we do.

At Comic-Con, it was revealed that DeVoe would be portrayed by Neil Sandilands. The actor has previously appeared in The 100 and The Americans and will be the one tasked with bringing the "fastest brain alive" to life. Expect a season-long arc full of mind games, as the Flash will have to outthink his opponent instead of outrunning him.

Neil Sandilands on 'The 100'. [Credit: The CW]
Neil Sandilands on 'The 100'. [Credit: The CW]

With DeVoe and Breacher making their presence felt during Season 4, Team Flash had better hurry up and get their Scarlet Speedster back. The casting announcements of Neil Sandilands and Danny Trejo is undoubtedly major news for the show, and it has us all excited about the new direction of Season 4.

Are you excited about Trejo and Sandilands' castings on The Flash? Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: Deadline)


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