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Recently, teased on social media that he would make his triumphant return to :

Cosnett played Eddie Thawne, an original character created for the show. He was an ancestor to Eobard Thawne a.k.a. the Reverse Flash, en evil Speedster from the 25th century. While no official announcement has been made as to who he would be playing, I decided now was just as good a time as any to play the speculation game.

1. Eddie Thawne

'The Flash' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Flash' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

We’ll just go ahead and get this one out of the way. While Eddie nobly sacrificed himself at the end of Season 1, has made one thing abundantly clear: Nothing is set in stone. As is the case with the announcement that Robbie Amell would be returning to the series in the back half, reprising his role of Ronnie Raymond. This could be established in several ways — time travel, hallucinations, or Flashpoint. That Flashpoint, it’s wacky.

So who’s to say that Eddie couldn’t have been resurrected due to alterations of the timeline? The show has been pretty on the spot for dealing with the bad ramifications of Barry messing with the timeline. Why not focus on some of the positive effects? Of course, now that Barry and Iris are a thing, Eddie coming back may not be as positive as one would think.

2. The Accelerated Man

[Credit: DC Comics] Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli
[Credit: DC Comics] Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Images have already been leaked from the episode in which Flash travels to Earth 19 to fight Grodd with the help of Solovar and the Accelerated Man. Created for the Grant Morrison epic Multiversity, the Accelerated Man has been given no identity as of this writing, neither has he been cast for the show. A quick IMDb search reveals that Cosnett is scheduled to appear in Episode 23, but to be honest, IMDb is about as reliable as Wikipedia (which is to say, not at all).

3. Earth Two Eddie

Image [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
Image [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Given that the Flash is not tied down to only operating on Earth One, Eddie could be represented by his Earth Two counter part. We got an Easter Egg via a speed dial entry on Earth 2 Barry’s phone, along with nods to Green Lantern Batman and Wonder Woman. Earth 2 Eddie would be a nice cameo, as Eddie presumably wouldn’t be a threat to Barry and Iris’s relationship (Biris?). One tends not to keep someone who tried to steal his girl on speed dial.

4. Cobalt Blue

[Credit: DC Comics] Art by Paul Pelletier
[Credit: DC Comics] Art by Paul Pelletier

The Flash is famous for taking ideas from the comics and changing them just slightly enough to keep long-term fans guessing. Cobalt Blue was originally a secret twin brother of Barry Allen adopted by the Thawnes and created by Mark Waid as a way of saying that the Flash legacy had its own set of Reverse Flashes to deal with. Jay Garrick had the Rival, Barry has Eobard Thawne, and Wally had Thawne, Savitar, and Hunter Zolomon. This was the opportunity to branch out and have the Flashes of different timelines face a different foe with a different power set.

Eobard Thawne was the wild card in that he possessed the speed and had access to the Cobalt Blue powers. Eddie could be that missing twin brother, or Cosnett could be a twin brother to Eddie — named Malcolm — who accesses the blue flame via a magic talisman. Let’s face it: Cosnett looks more like the comic version of Barry Allen than Grant Gustin does. Hell, Matt Letscher looks more like Barry Allen. Presumably, they cast him as such because the comic Reverse Flash was an insane Barry Allen fan and made himself look like the scarlet speedster.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we won’t know whom Cosnett will play until the episode drops. What we do know is that Cosnett gave a top rate performance in Season 1 and has always been a welcome addition to the show. His heartbreaking episode in Season 2 still resonates with fans and keeps producers bringing him back for more. Hopefully we’ll get to see him sooner rather than later and that he won’t be gone in a flash (sorry).

Can't wait for The Flash's return next week? Here's the teaser:


Who do you think Cosnett will play?

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