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With the recent casting of as the enigmatic , the producers of The Flash are rounding out the Rogues Gallery quite nicely. But have they played their hand a bit early? With an increasing criticism from fans that the Big Bad of every season of being a speedster, Abra Kadabra would certainly stray from that formula.

For those not in the know, Abra Kadabea is a "magician" from the 64th century who travelled back in time to the current timeline, using futuristic technology that us "primitives" would think of as magic. Mainly a villain of , Kadabra would focus more on Barry's source material rather than Wally's. While Eobard Thawne is a Barry Allen villain as well, Wally had a very notable encounter with the and , Savitar was Wally exclusive.

Given that illusion is his gimmick, pulling off a major villain would be some trick. It fits into the characters MO, as he has doing it several times in the comics. Let's look at some clues from this past season.

He's From The Future

'Abra Kadabra' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Abra Kadabra' [Credit: DC Comics]

As I stated before, Abra Kadabra is from the far future, so the prophecy given to Team Flash would be very easy knowledge for him to obtain. Or, for that matter, use his futuristic technology to pull off. Time is a fickle mistress. Certainly Barry has gone back and changed history to mixed results. He has little experience with changing the future (other than in the first season and changing it back when he saved his parents).

What if the task got harder by having someone manipulate the future events even after his efforts to change the future prove less than successful? As much as Barry has tried to alter the future by change events in the present, not all that much has changed. Certainly, HR is on a building now pointing a gun; however, he could have been there previously and not known it. What if Abra Kadabra is manipulating events just like Barry and the gang? With his future technology, It is most likely supremely easy to manipulate time.

Savitar Is A Myth

'Savitar' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Savitar' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

When the season first began, No one other than Jay had even heard of , let alone see him in person. He knew the lore but it took Jay seeing him with his own eyes before he started to believe. He was, in fact, pissed that Barry saw him before he did. But what if Savitar never existed? What if Abra Kadabra is merely taking an old myth and using his technology to bring him to life?

Now, you may be asking why a random criminal magician from the future would even know about the legend of Savitar? The legend of the Flash transcends centuries. He is so popular in Eobard Thawne’s time that the crazed villain made himself look like Barry and traveled back in an effort to meet his hero — and that was the 27th century, years before the 64th century (where Kadabra is from).

He Isn't A Speedster Villain

'Another potential clue? Abra Kadabra' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Another potential clue? Abra Kadabra' [Credit: DC Comics]

One of the major downfalls of The Flash as a whole is that every major villain has been a speedster. "My name is Barry Allen and I’m the fastest man alive"(until about five minutes into the new season where someone else will show up, beat the living hell out of me and claim the title). Just once I personally would like to see Flash fight a villain not associated with speed. The character literally has one of the best Rogues Galleries in all of comics, a majority of which is not speedster related.

Granted, while I love Geoff Johns's run on the title, I do feel the need to toss him a little shade. Every Rogue during his run suddenly got some kind of connection to the Speed Force. The turtle? OK, kind of makes sense. The Top? Well, he does spin around really fast. ? Not sure I'm making a connection. What makes the Flash's Rogues so great are their uniqueness. They did battle for decades without needing super speed — let's see some of that in the show.

Final Thoughts

Abra Kadabra is one of the few remaining rogues left to be showcased on the show. David Dastmalchian is a great character actor and is slated to appear in at least one episode featuring "a secret that Barry Allen will do anything to discover," perhaps that's the identity of Savitar. Barry will certainly have to keep his eye on the master of illusion.

The Flash returns on March 14 with "Into the Speed Force." Check out the teaser below:

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