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It just wouldn't be The Flash without an appearance from an obscure speedster, now would it? New set photos from Vancouver reveal that a mysterious new speedster has joined , but is he friend or foe?

While we may be gearing up for the winter finale of , the cast and crew are filming the other half of Season 3 as we speak. It was around the middle of Season 2 when we were introduced to Trajectory, the scientifically enhanced speedster whom Jessie has stolen a suit from, so it is only right that we get a visit from yet another mysterious speedster halfway through Season 3.

The set photos were revealed via :

The mysterious new speedster bears a striking resemblance to The Flash of Earth-19, pictured below. The costume is accurate, complete with a white belt, red scarf and face mask. He also has some fabulous goggles to boot. Also, as a side note, why give a random Earth-19 Flash some comic accurate yellow boots but still not let Barry wear them? No wonder he messes with the timeline, man needs his boots.

For those of you who are wondering why Earth-19 sounds so familiar, it is because that is the Earth that H.R. (Harrison Wells' doppelganger) hails from. Now, if The Flash keep true to the comic lore, and there's no reason for them not to, - they have brought in a comic accurate Flash from a very specific Earth after all - why has H.R. never brought up the fact that there is a Flash on his Earth? He has stated that there is a Shade and even a Gorilla Grodd on his Earth, so why would he purposefully omit telling his teammates that they have their very own Scarlet Speedster? Could he possibly have more sinister motives?

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With an Earth-19 Flash on the loose, do you think that Barry will travel to Earth-19 and encounter our fashionable speedster friend? Or is this simply yet another throwaway episode featuring a random speedster?


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