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Robbie Amell is an Arrowverse stalwart, whose career dates all the way back to The Flash Season 1. Portraying the scientist-turned-metahuman Ronnie Raymond, he was part of one of first crossovers, which saw Green Arrow, Flash, and his alter ego Firestorm band together to battle the Reverse-Flash. Sadly, Ronnie Raymond met his fate at the hands of the singularity created at the end of The Flash Season 1, as the character valiantly gave his life to save Central City.

Robbie Amell is still a beloved part of the Arrowverse, and fans are thrilled every time he makes a cameo on . Although Robbie Amell has already appeared on The Flash as , his real-life cousin, Stephen Amell, has hinted several times that he wants Robbie to return to the to play one of the most iconic superheroes of all time: Batman.

During a panel at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in London, Stephen Amell was asked what characters he would like to see in a feature-length Arrow film. Amell gave an eloquent answer, but after he finished speaking, his co-star, Emily Bett Rickards, added that Batman should make an appearance as well. Stephen Amell then commented that Robbie Amell should play , and the crowd lost their minds.

Robbie Amell As Batman

Robbie Amell as Batman [Credit: Bosslogic via]
Robbie Amell as Batman [Credit: Bosslogic via]

Stephen Amell planted the idea of Robbie Amell playing Batman in the minds of all Arrowverse fans, and in response, commissioned internet artist Bosslogic to make that dream a reality.

The first image features Robbie Amell in the Batsuit without his cowl, and it looks like Bosslogic took inspiration from the plate-armor style used in Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City. This version of the Batsuit is sleeker than the Batman: Arkham City suit, but it still maintains a fair amount of body armor.

Robbie Amell as Batman [Credit: Bosslogic via]
Robbie Amell as Batman [Credit: Bosslogic via]

The second image shows Robbie Amell in the same Batsuit, only this time, Bosslogic also included a very interesting interpretation of Batman’s cowl. Instead of the cowl being squared-off between the two ear points, he rounded the head, which looks like a mix between Daredevil’s mask from Marvel Comics, and Batman’s look in the comic run DC: The New Frontier.

This Version Of The Batsuit Is A Bold New Look That Fans Love

The style Bosslogic implemented in his concept art accomplished something that most comic book adaptations fail to do. His artwork was loyal to the source material, but it was also something we haven’t seen before. The reaction to this version of the Batsuit was overwhelmingly positive, and the comments on Bosslogic’s Twitter post have praised the artist for his interpretation of the character.

What Bosslogic has managed to do is impressive, because comic book fans are notoriously fickle about what their favorite heroes’ suits look like when they are adapted for film or TV. If Batman ever did make his way to the Arrowverse, fans would be very critical of his look, because he is is one of the most iconic and adored comic book characters of all time, and countless iterations of Batman have already appeared across animation, live-action TV and movies.

Bosslogic’s pictures of Robbie Amell as Batman are all in good fun, and they help give fans an idea of what Batman could look like in the Arrowverse. It’s unlikely that Batman would show up on Arrow, but if he did, we hope he looks half as good as he does in Bosslogic’s concept art.

Make sure you catch Arrow Season 5 when it hits Netflix on June 1, 2017.

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