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Now that the New Year has come and gone the countdown to midseason premiere to all of our favorite shows will commence. In only a few short weeks, we’ll get to begin speculation on how Laurel Lance came back (although the trailer kind of gives that away), what Rip Hunter has been doing with this time away from the Legends and cursing Barry Allen’s name for messing with the timeline.

Which brings me to the point of this article. Why has Barry taken so much guff for messing with the timeline? Certainly, it became an overused plot device in the first two seasons alone, so the producers felt that they needed a way to limit it. It does show one of our favorite heroes in a moment of weakness taking the low road regardless of the consequences. But for reasons that I’m about to explain, it may be time to take a hint from Frozen and let it go (sorry).

1. Everyone In The Arrowverse Does It

Arrowverse [Credit] Warner Bros.
Arrowverse [Credit] Warner Bros.

By going back in time and saving his mother, not only affected his timeline but also that of the entire , sans as she is from a different Earth. Understandably, the heroes are a bit pissed with the knowledge that the lives they know have been affected by an act of selfishness. Barry Allen has taken flak from Cisquo because his brother was killed as a result, from Sarah Lance, and from Diggle, whose daughter changed into a son because the writers wrote a son in the previous season.

Now, Cisquo did the exact same thing Barry did in the crossover, and Sarah Lance is the captain of a time ship that alters timelines on a weekly basis. She even attempted to alter it for personal gain in the season opener of her show but failed. I can only imagine her ire is spawned from the fact that Barry succeeded where she failed. And Diggle lost literally nothing. His entire argument is that his child is gender swapped. This story could be played out as the first transsexual character in the Arrowverse for the dramatic elements. Time to get a little lesson in tolerance there, Dig.

2. It Makes Him More Relatable

Image via
Image via

Many of us have discussed the philosophical argument that if we could go back in time and kill Hitler, would we? Should we? The answer is usually no because of the repercussions. But this is a situation where a man is faced with saving his parents from death and someone who has the power to do so. A certain amount of weight is added to the debate when a physical possibility is added to the mix. You can sit around the house wishing you had an ice cream cone but once you hear the ice cream truck bells ring by the house, you are filled with all kinds of emotions. Starting with the possibility that you’re going to have a belly full of nutty buddies in the near future.

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3. He’s Still Learning

The Flash [Credit] Warner Bros.
The Flash [Credit] Warner Bros.

Despite the fact that this iteration of the has been around for decades, Barry Allen in the Arrowverse has only operated for about three years. Granted, the Reverse Flash had a genuine interest in making Barry better, his reveal still made him question everything he knew and took away yet another father figure from his life. Barry Allen will eventually become one of the greatest heroes the multiverse has ever seen, but he won’t get there overnight. He has to learn to get there and the only way he’s going to do that is from his mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Barry Allen has certainly had his share of bonehead moves and will more than likely have more in the future. Hell the latter part of this season promises to be more of him screwing with the timeline in order to save Iris. But it’s through these mistakes that he can learn to be a better hero. This by far has been his hardest truth to learn. To fix it, the man literally had to make a conscious choice to see his mother murdered and by proxy his father as well. That’s borderline super villain origin territory. So cut the guy some slack. Also good to remember that he is a man that can vibrate his hand directly into your brain.

Can't wait for Jan. 24th? Here's a teaser!

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