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Another season, another speedster villain, and the Big Bad for The Flash Season 3 has finally raised his (fantastically rendered) CGI head. Rushing in right at the end of Episode 6, "Shade", Savitar seems to be faster than any other speedster we've encountered so far — again ensuring that Barry's intro line about being "the fastest man alive" is a blatant lie.

Savitar has his own claim to make: After easily besting Barry in combat, Savitar boasts that he is the "god of speed."

Although there is a DC character known as Godspeed — introduced recently to The Flash comics after Rebirth — this speedster isn't a real deity. Neither is Savitar, and his origins seem to have been altered drastically from the ex-Soviet soldier he was in the comics. There is, however, one actual speedster god in DC canon, so we have to wonder — is Savitar of The Flash TV show really the god of speed?

Option 1: A New God

The speedster god from the comics is known as Black Racer, and he's thought to be the physical manifestation of death. Possessing a Vietnam veteran at the behest of Darkseid, Black Racer proved to be a formidable opponent for Barry Allen. As one of the New Gods, this character is actually a deity (of sorts), possessing powers far beyond those of a humble metahuman.

Black Racer in the New 52. [DC]
Black Racer in the New 52. [DC]

Granted, Black Racer is a completely separate character from the 1980s one-shot wonder Savitar. However, The CW could very well be merging the two characters, turning Savitar into a real speedster god.

This would make for one hell of a twist, allowing the show to delve into Speedforce mythology after Barry's brief foray into this dimension in Season 2. Considering Season 3 is all about the consequences of time travel, having the actual god of speed go after Barry would be really interesting. Who knows, maybe Barry brought this on himself after tampering with the timeline too much.

If Savitar is the real god of speed, this could open The Flash up to something really bold and new, mixing metahumans with gods and using some of the most interesting plots from the DC comics. And Savitar's appearance seems to suggest The CW are trying something new— he looks almost alien, so either he's some terrifying, godlike speedster creature we haven't encountered yet, or he's just got a bomb-ass supersuit.

Did anyone else get the 'Transformers' song in their head after this scene? [The CW]
Did anyone else get the 'Transformers' song in their head after this scene? [The CW]

Actually, Black Racer's connection to Darkseid — clearly the main villain for the DCEU — might be why The CW chose to use the name Savitar instead, just in case Warner Bros. want to use Black Racer in Justice League.

Option 2: Savitar Is Delusional

Of course, there is another possibility — Savitar is just a normal metahuman, with some serious delusions of grandeur. This would tie in closer to the Savitar of the comics, who named himself after the Hindu god of motion because he was just that big headed.

Having the big bad speedster turn out to actually be just a dude with a major chip on his shoulder might be an interesting plotline... if we hadn't already seen this exact plot in Season 2 (and arguably Season 1 as well).

We've seen this story before. [The CW]
We've seen this story before. [The CW]

To keep things fresh, maybe The Flash writers are going to further develop Savitar's delusion as a mental health problem — it might be that Dr Alchemy really is in command, using psychological tricks to feed Savitar's god complex, and thus controlling him. That would build on the mysteries Season 3 has set up so far about who Alchemy is, what he wants, why and how he's using Flashpoint to give people powers in the new timeline. Perhaps Savitar actaully originated in Flashpoint, and this is all just smoke and mirrors to distract Barry from Alchemy's true purpose.

Or maybe Savitar is controlling Alchemy and he's just another powerful speedster for Barry to race around Central City. I know which option I hope is true.


What do you think Savitar is?


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