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Even though Supergirl and Arrow are still on air this week, The Flash is unfortunately on a two week hiatus. On the bright side, the hit comic book series will return with a two-part Gorilla City episode after its break. The CW has released an extended trailer for the "Attack on Gorilla City" episode featuring the infamous Gorilla Grodd.

This extended trailer gives us a solid idea of what to expect from the first of two Gorilla City episodes. Team Flash figures out that Harry has been captured by Gorilla Grodd on Earth-2. Unfortunately for them, this isn't any ordinary prison but it is located in a city run by telepathic gorillas.

Back To Earth-2

Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian travel to Earth-2 in an attempt to rescue their old friend. The trailer also shows us that things don't exactly go their way when we see Team Flash locked in a prison with Harrison Wells. This episode appears to be nothing short of fun and exciting.

The trailer features many funny moments and Easter eggs — like when it shows Barry and Julian talking about how this is exactly like Planet of the Apes. Also, we see Julian donning an outfit very reminiscent of Indiana Jones which, of course, Cisco has to point out.

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

Fans will recall the two-part episode in Season 2 where Barry and Cisco traveled along with Harrison Wells to his home of Earth-2. Both episodes were very enjoyable as we got to see all of our favorite characters' dopplegangers for the first time.

This time around, The Flash is returning to Earth-2 for another adventure and it looks to top last year's excursion. Gorilla City is a huge location in The Flash comics and seeing it on the TV show makes for a must-watch. The stakes will be raised high as the lives of not just Harrison Wells but of Barry and the rest of the team as they are located in one of the most dangerous places on Earth-2.

While there's no extended trailer yet, the second episode — titled "Attack on Central City" — has a description that elaborates on what we should expect from the conclusion of the episode:

THE EPIC CONCLUSION TO THE TWO-PART BATTLE WITH GRODD – When Grodd (voiced by David Sobolov) and his army of gorillas bring the battle to Earth-1, The Flash (Grant Gustin) and team must find a way to stop them before they destroy Central City. Gypsy (guest star Jessica Camacho) returns to join the fight. Meanwhile, Jesse Quick (guest star Violett Beane) decides she wants to stay with Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) on Earth-1. Dermott Downs directed the episode with story by Todd Helbing and teleplay by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes.

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Clearly, Grodd and his gorilla army will travel to Earth-1 Central City in the epic conclusion. On top of that, the description also reveals that Gypsy and Jesse Quick will be helping Team Flash defeat the gorilla army. We should expect a lot of gorillas and intense action sequences as the Flash is about to go up against Gorilla Grodd once again.

Are you guys excited for the two-part Gorilla Grodd episode? What do you expect to happen? Sound off below!

(Source: The CW)


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