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DC comic book fans everywhere have barely started processing the recent news of a Batman/Superman crossover on the big-screen, let alone the news that The Flash will now be introduced in the CW's TV series Arrow, and perhaps even given his own spin-off series! Yep, that's right folks, Deadline is reporting that:

The network is fast tracking Flash, a drama project based on the DC character from the Arrow team of co-creators and and director . The CW is expected to discuss the project at today's TCA presentation.

This news is rather surprising considering we heard rumors at Comic-Con of the long-awaited The Flash movie getting a 2016 release date. It's also an interesting development in the sense that I'd assume Warner Bros. would want the character left alone until he can be given his own movie, unless, that is, they plan on having the possible TV series dovetail directly into the movie franchise, a la Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Deadline is also noting that:

This past development season, the CW developed a Wonder Woman origins project, which didn't go to pilot. The network in May commissioned a new script with a new writer which has been delivered, but I hear the network has hit the pause button on the project. Flash is certain to get a priority given its A-list auspices.

Apart from being of the opinion that Flash deserves a big-budget movie with smart writing and an awesome costume, I have no problem with The Flash coming to television. In fact, it excited me to ponder whether or not Arrow's Flash spin-off would tie into the Justice League Part One movie franchise, most recently given its first real stepping stone in the Batman vs. Superman team-up. What I do take issue with is the way DC and Warner Bros. are treating Wonder Woman right now and hitting pause on a project already in development which deserves their undivided attention. If Wonder Woman is so difficult a movie to set in motion, they should sit down with their best minds for a while and figure it the hell out! No excuses.

Would you be interested to see DC and Warner Bros. flesh out their proposed cinematic universe by bringing Arrow into the fold, and introducing other heroes on the small screen first? If nothing else, CW being a basic cable channel, we wouldn't have to pay to watch them... What say you?


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