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A sizzle reel for the remainder of the season has been released for the final episode of the season. Story points include 's return, a crossover with and a possible reuniting of the . One thing it does confirm however is the reasoning behind why Barry would kill Iris. While it is still unconfirmed as to which version of Barry this is, We know that this motivations are survival. As stated later in this article, cannot exist without the death of Iris West as that event is what sends him over the edge.

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With the Reveal that Barry Allen is, in fact, Savitar, fans are wondering just how (and more importantly why) Barry Allen would kill Iris West. In a show with alternate Earths and timelines, this question could be either the easiest or hardest question to answer. With only three episodes left in the season, it is more than likely the former. One can start looking for answers in the original comics to get an understanding of Barry's motivations.

It All Starts With 'Terminal Velocity'

After dealing with Eobard Thawne, Wally West began to get faster. He had gotten over his psychological fear of replacing Barry and his speed was improving. In what would eventually be the introduction of the Speed Force, Wally was battling Kobra and his army of minions before going so fast that he went into speedster Valhalla, only to return next issue to save his girlfriend, Linda Park, along with the rest of the world.

This version of went on to defeat Savitar, marry Linda and battle the Cobalt Blue legacy along with the Flash Family through the centuries. Naturally, the Flashes won, but at a great cost: Wally sacrificed his life to win the day. Shortly after, A new Flash popped up and began saving innocents and fighting crime — his way.

The Dark Flash Is An Alternate Version Of Wally West

Keeping his identity a secret, The Dark Flash kept to himself, living in an obelisk shaped like a lightning bolt in front of the Flash Museum. He reveals himself to Superman and Donna Troy — going by the name Troia at the time — in order to work with the Justice League and Titans, respectively. Eventually, he revealed himself to the Flash Family as Walter West, an alternate version of Wallace West.

This version was too slow to save Linda during Terminal Velocity and became distraught. He turned into a grim and gritty hero, learning new ways to utilize the Speed Force. He eventually came to his world's version of , who taught him new and interesting ways to deal with criminals, such as stealing the speed from bullets so they stop in mid-air rather than catching each one individually. Walter then killed Savitar and started crippling criminals as a more permanent solution to fighting crime.

Eventually, Walter came across Linda Park. She had been kidnapped by Abra Kadabra and placed outside of time in an effort to keep Wally, a.k.a. Wallace West, from returning to find her. Walter fought Kadabra, taking enough to almost kill him. Walter used the Speed Force to heal his wounds, which also aged him a decade and left him scarred.

'I Am The Future Flash'

So where does that leave the show's version of these events? Savitar is a future version of , but not the main version of Barry Allen; he is a future version of the version. When Barry went back and fixed Flashpoint, there was still another version of Flashpoint that existed. Therefore, that version of Barry Allen is still running around. Without knowing everything that Flashpoint changed in Earth-1, Iris West will eventually die, most likely at the hands of a villain.

When Barry changed everything back, there were ripples in the timeline. One may have saved her from that fate. If the death of Iris West is the event that causes Barry Allen to turn into Savitar, her survival means that Savitar will cease to exist. Savitar goes back to kill her and ensure his survival but is trapped by Barry and Tracy Brand.

Using the Philosophers stone, Savitar is able to break free from the Speed Force and go back to an earlier time to successfully kill Iris. Barry may be altruistic, but the dark twisted soul that is Savitar cares more about survival than love, something he has not experienced possibly in decades.

Final Thoughts

Savitar is the version of the Dark Flash. He lost someone he loved and went on a destructive path that led to him killing his beloved, starting the cycle over again. He is scarred because of his speed, and will not shy away from doing what needs to be done to serve his needs. In the comic, it's to be a better hero; in the show, it's for outright survival.

Either way, the entire season is Barry's fault (), as Iris possibly died before he fixed Flashpoint and definitely died after he fixed it. With only three episode to go in the season, things look to be going a bit darker.

Don't let the next episode slip your mind! here's a teaser for Episode 21 entitled "Cause and Effect," airing on the CW on May 10 at 8pm!

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