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Season 3 of The Flash ended on a heartbreaking note when Barry Allen chose to go into the Speed Force to protect his city, and possibly the world, from imploding. He left behind a devastated fiancee, Iris West, and a father who felt like his world was closing in on him. But the writers were looking for that type of emotional punch, and it's not like Joe West hasn't taken them before.

In fact, he's been brought to his knees several times over the past three seasons, which is why the introduction of Cecille Horton (Danielle Nicolet) was a breath of fresh air for fans, especially when Joe and Cecille began a relationship that looks like it's going to last into Season 4.

When asked about the status of that relationship at the San Diego Comic Con, Jesse L. Martin, said that it was going to move forward.

"It's going to progress. That's all I can say. She's going to be around."

And Martin didn't hide his feelings about Nicolet's return to the show and the progression of the relationship.

"I love the idea that Joe's got a girlfriend so that gets explored. I really, really love it. He spends so much time just dealing with kids and the gang from STAR Labs, it's good to have someone at home..."

With Joe in the midst of an emotional tailspin, it's nice to know that Cecille will be there for him, and with Cecille being an official ally, there would be no reason for him to lose this relationship.

Of course, her knowledge also makes her a liability, and not one fan would be surprised if this relationship becomes fodder for future emotional drama. But could the writers at least wait until after Joe and Cecille say "I do" before they subject the couple to any more pain? Season 4 has promised to pick up the pieces left behind by the events of Season 3, so more than anything, our favorite characters deserve to enjoy some happiness for a little while.

Don't you think it's time Joe had a little happiness in his life?

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