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Last night's episode of The Flash, "Abra Kadabra," the sinister illusionist relished in the fact that he knew who Savitar was and that he would never tell or the rest of Team Flash the secret, not without receiving something in return.

The Flash isn't impressed with Kadabra's card tricks. 'The Flash' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
The Flash isn't impressed with Kadabra's card tricks. 'The Flash' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

In spectacular villain monologue fashion, goes on a tirade about how he hates the Scarlet Speedster and wants nothing more than to see him suffer. He goes on to name a few of the thorns in Barry's side before being carted off to Earth-19 for execution


Wait, who?

He's A Real Thinker

The Thinker [Credit: DC Comics]
The Thinker [Credit: DC Comics]

Clifford DeVoe was an old-school Flash villain who called himself . Unlike most supervillains, DeVoe started out evil. He was a lawyer, specifically a DA, with an unsuccessful career. He ended his practice and whole-heartedly threw himself into crime by working for the mob as a "Thinker." He would create alibis and stratagems for the mob in exchange for a nice house and generous stipend.

After the boss was "taken care of," Devoe was elected the new mafia boss. He began searching for tech gadgets to help him, eventually finding his "Thinking Cap." He ran afoul of and his fate as a supervillain was sealed.

He's A Member Of The Injustice Society

The Thinker battles the JSA [Credit: DC Comics]
The Thinker battles the JSA [Credit: DC Comics]

Clifford Devoe is a brilliant strategist who eventually began helping out nefarious gangsters commit crimes. He soon landed a spot with the Injustice Society, an aptly named villain team who (you may have already surmised) fought the on a regular basis. The Justice Society has been a major part of this season of and could very well be a big part of future seasons. Since the team fought an evil team in the Legion of Doom, it's going to be hard to go back to just one villain. The Injustice Society could be a nice followup and feature a man we already know will be a nemesis of a certain Fastest Man Alive.

He's Also A Member Of The Suicide Squad

The AI version of The Thinker. [Credit: DC Comics]
The AI version of The Thinker. [Credit: DC Comics]

Given that the is an Oscar-winning film, it would only make sense for the to attempt to get in on some of that fame and notoriety. After all, the squad was on Arrow before their big-screen debut. The producers at the haven't ruled out a reappearance of the team, either.

It would be even easier to get the Thinker over to Star City as opposed to different moments in time (or whatever the setup of Legends will be next season). They wouldn't even have to worry about getting the actor over to that set as there is an AI version of the character that's not quite Clifford DeVoe, but then again, the Arrowverse likes to pick and choose how it presents its characters. See: Prometheus.

Final Thoughts

The producers of The Flash have already promised us that the villain of Season 4 is not going to be a speedster. Regardless of your thoughts on the Thinker, he is not a speedster. There are three versions of the character that showrunners could play around with to create the dastardly foe: Clifford DeVoe, who they have already name dropped; Clifford Carmichael, who gained mental powers with the aid of the aforementioned thinking cap; The artificial intelligence created by Mr. Terrific (hey, another Arrow reference), who went rogue.

At any rate, The Thinker should make an interesting addition to the Flash's Rogues Gallery and may be instrumental in forming the Rogues in the first place.

The Flash will return on April 25th! Can't wait that long? Here's a teaser featuring his brand new duds:

What do you THINK about the Thinker being a main villain for the Flash? Sound off in the comments below!

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