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We may have skipped this week's installment of The Flash Season 3, but The CW are on hand to help with our Flash fix. In this new behind-the-scenes look at the costumes of The Flash, there are some subtle plot hints about what we can expect from upcoming episodes — specifically, regarding the fate of one Caitlin Snow.

Caitlin's not had an easy time of it this season. Barry's post-Flashpoint reset created a world in which Caitlin's own metahuman abilities were starting to emerge. Just like her Earth-2 doppelgänger, Caitlin has formidable frost powers, able to freeze substances to below Absolute Zero.

Right now, Caitlin's walking the thin line between hero and villain, with the potential to fall on either side. Her recent confrontation with Doctor Snow's lab assistant revealed Caitlin's dark side, but she previously used her powers to help Barry when he was trapped by Mirror Master.

Will Caitlin's repressed anger win out, or will Killer Frost become a valued member of Team Flash? It looks like we might already have an answer to that question.

Caitlin Suits Up

In the video "Behind The Seams", costume designer Maya Mani talks us through the creation and design of the superhero suits, focusing on the Flash, the Rival, the Top, and Mirror Master. But right at the end there's a few fast-paced shots that tease costumes yet to be revealed on the show: Those of Vibe and Killer Frost.

Caitlin's new costume as Killer Frost. [The CW]
Caitlin's new costume as Killer Frost. [The CW]

Killer Frost's costume is fascinating because it expresses the personality and purpose of the character. We caught a close-up glimpse of the centre section, and throughout the video we can see Killer Frost's suit out-of-focus in the background.

The costume certainly doesn't scream "villain". There's a stark contrast between the aesthetic of this suit — reserved, utilitarian, but with a characteristic flair and stylish fit — and Earth-2 Killer Frost's outfit. The alternate version of the character didn't have a superhero suit, opting instead for a corset teamed with a short black coat and leather pants.

Killer Frost on Earth-2. [The CW]
Killer Frost on Earth-2. [The CW]

Caitlin's new costume certainly looks more heroic, and we can see her fitting right in with the others on Team Flash, especially now that Vibe is going to suit up too. However, there's one piece of evidence that points towards Caitlin becoming a villain, and it's almost too simple...

Kept On The Villain Rack

When Maya Mani shows us the Kid Flash suit, we can see that the costumes are clearly divided into two different clothes racks: One for heroes and one for villains. And Killer Frost's costume is clearly grouped with the Rival, the Top, and Mirror Master's outfits.

Killer Frost's costume is right behind Maya Mani, on the villain rack. [The CW]
Killer Frost's costume is right behind Maya Mani, on the villain rack. [The CW]

When Mani moves, you can see the Killer Frost costume at the front of the villain rack, which seems to suggest this costume was made to be villainous. Of course, this could be simple misdirection... or the hero rack might have been full.

But one thing's for certain: We won't be seeing the last of Killer Frost any time soon. Her suit is beautifully made, intricate, and complex. A lot of work went into creating it, which suggests that whether Killer Frost is a hero or a villain, she'll definitely be sticking around for more than one episode.

This could be a fascinating arc — and who's to say Caitlin won't turn out to be both, starting out villainous as she is overcome by her powers, and later redeeming herself to work with Team Flash again, in a nice twist on her comic origin. Either way, we can't wait to see how Caitlin's story develops.


Do you want Caitlin to become a hero or a villain?

For the full costume breakdown, watch the video below:


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