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Caitlyn Snow had quite a ride in The Flash Season 3, largely thanks to Flashpoint. The powers she has acquired have both helped and hindered her and her friends, and when Caitlin gave into the darkness inside of her and took on the persona, there was no doubt this woman could be evil. But the question in the back of everyone's minds was would she stay evil?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 3 of The Flash, including the finale!

In the comics, Ice, known as Tora, was from a race of magical ice people so she inherited the powers much like Caitlin Snow did. She joined the and began fighting evil with Booster, Beetle, and . She existed in a different part of the multiverse much like does. But every Earth in 's world has doppelgängers, and that's where Caitlin comes in.

Caitlin now has the same powers and abilities as Ice; the only difference is she's in a war with her inner goodness whereas Ice always knew who she was. Even though a cure was provided for Caitlin, she refused to take it, and at the end of the finale she decides she needs time to decide who she is.

One would imagine it would be difficult to give up the type of power Caitlin now wields, but whether or not she can keep it without using it for evil is another story. What is important to note, though, is that before Caitlin can rejoin Team Flash, she needs to come to terms with what she's done as 's sidekick, including playing a part in the death of H.R. Wells.

This season has given Caitlin so much more to do than the others, and has allowed to really stretch herself as an actress. We certainly don't want her to return to the meek Caitlin Snow that existed in Season 1. Panabaker has proven she is far too good to be relegated to the back of the lab, and Team Flash could certainly do with some female superheroes as it's sorely lacking in that department.

While Caitlin may always have a dark edge now that she's explored what it's like to be a villain, returning her to the team as a powerful force to be reckoned with would be a much better choice than stripping her powers. So recreating Caitlin as an Ice doppelgänger is the perfect answer, one we hope the producers will make in Season 4.

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