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Paul Aguirre-Livingston

In a new interview with E! Online, Glee choir boy-turned-superhero revealed what he's learned about his newest role as Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash. Here's what Gustin says:

I'm kind of running around a little bit, but mostly just for fun at this point. Just because I'm really excited...I'm a little fanboy. I'm so excited to be a part of the show.

On the reaction that the CW was gearing the show to a younger demo:

I got an audition and I was really excited and a little skeptical at first, because I'm a comic book fan. I know the character and know I'm a little young.

The character will be introduced on the second season of Arrow in a backdoor pilot situation.

I know I'm coming on as up-and-coming in my field. He's not going to be The Flash immediately, obviously. We're going to be Barry Allen first in two episodes and then he'll come back later as The Flash. I haven't actually had a chance to read any scripts yet, so we'll see.

And Gustin would be thrilled Flash's impressive skill set:

I didn't realize before I started doing all my research that he can actually time travel, he can run so fast. I think that'd be a really fun thing to play with on the show is him kind of going to different times and experimenting with that. That'd be fun.

As for the tight red spandex? "I would imagine, when The Flash comes he'll be in a pretty traditional Flash costume." Better start working on those chicken legs!



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