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Justice League will be introducing a batch of new heroes to the ever-expanding DC Extended Universe. One of them is Barry Allen, a.k.a. , played by . The character was supposed to get his solo film next year, but several bumps in the road have prevented the project from taking off.

Currently, Warner Bros. is hard at work on finding another director for The Flash, and the exhaustive search has paid off. The studio has narrowed down its shortlist, and as of this morning, two names were the frontrunners.

1. Robert Zemeckis

Seeing on the list is not that surprising. Last month, he was rumored to be Warner Bros. top choice to take the reins of the character. Zemeckis is still on the list as the top contender for the job.

The director is about to start shooting an untitled drama starring Steve Carrell in the fall, a schedule that seemingly took him out of the running. But worry not, fellow nerds, THR reports that Warner Bros. is willing to put The Flash on hold to wait for him. That's surprising, since the studio was committed to starting production of the film this year, but still understandable. Robert Zemeckis is a fantastic director.

4. Matthew Vaughn

has done a remarkable job in the past with comic book films like X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass and the franchise. His fast-paced style would benefit the film. The thing is, out of these two, he appears to be the least likely option.

According to Variety, Vaughn is busy crafting , and while he initially showed interested in The Flash during meetings with executives, he could have been using his interest as leverage for 20th Century Fox to greenlight a third chapter in the Kingsman saga.

Now, there were two more reported candidates, both involved in different Spider-Man franchises.

3. Sam Raimi (UPDATE: No Longer In The Running)

is no stranger to live-action superhero adventures; he made Darkman, then directed Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man trilogy. Raimi did something really special with Spidey. He built up the character and crafted him so that it was really easy to connect to and fall in love with him.

[Credit: Sony]
[Credit: Sony]

Raimi's Spider-Man was a larger-than-life superhero, but he was also a regular guy underneath the mask. That idea was the spine of his trilogy. Spidey's struggles were relatable and his personality was defined. Barry Allen is similar to Peter Parker in essence, so I would have loved to see Raimi bring those same sensibilities into the Flash film and character. Sadly, EW revealed today the director passed on the project.

4. Marc Webb (UPDATE: No Longer In The Running)

EW also reported that – better known for his Amazing Spider-Man franchise – was among the list of contenders to direct the film. Webb reportedly passed on the project as well, however. No reasons were given, but the director has expressed his interest to direct smaller-scale films, so that may be the case. He had a notorious time with Sony meddling with his ASM movies, so it's plausible he might be wary of stepping into another superhero tentpole with a studio in disarray.

What Can We Learn From These Candidates?

What stands out most about these candidates is their upbeat approach to projects. The Flash has long been rumored to be a bright spot for the usually gloomy , and that's reflected in the choices here.

Out of Zemeckis and Vaughn, who'd be the best choice to helm Flash's first solo big screen outing? The'd both be fantastic picks in their own right.

Each brings a different, exciting flavor to the mix. I'd be left speechless if Robert Zemeckis get the job. He's one of my favorite directors, and I would love to see what he has in mind for the character and his mythology, which has also great implications in the overall DC Universe.

Warner Bros. is gearing up for a great year for the DCEU, with right around the corner and only a few months away. It's exciting to see the studio preparing for yet another superhero adventure.

What do you think about these three potential directors for The Flash? Who would you pick? Let me know in the comments!

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