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Ever since the announcement that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a real life thing at this year's SDCC, it's been a little hard to keep track of all the other superhero movie news going on. However, it was reported the other day that the CW will introduce the Flash into the TV series Arrow (Movie) and most likely get his own spinoff series. Cool. But that's not it. It seems like with each passing day, there is more and more truth to the rumor that Warner Bros. is developing a The Flash (Movie) movie for a 2016 release date with director attached.

Apparently, Berlanti will co-write the film alongside , , , and . How do you guys feel about this? Considering he's partially responsible for the travesty that was Green Lantern, do you have high hopes that he'll turn The Flash into something special? Likewise, what storyline or era of Flash appear in the film?

This rumor is coming from The Hollywood Reporter's original piece about the CW show. Be sure to take a look at that and let me know what you think about all of this in the comments.

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