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Now, while 's upcoming looks set to throw 's big-screen take on firmly into the spotlight, it's worth remembering that the hero has already made a number of appearances in the , with both and featuring blink-and-you'll-miss-em roles for the speedster.

That, though, hasn't stopped fans the world over from wishing for a whole lot more from the young hero, especially since his own solo movie is still a fair way away from hitting the screen. As such, it's pretty darned excellent news that:

The Flash Takes Center Stage In This Shiny New 'Suicide Squad' Image

Indeed, the image above — one first unveiled by CineFix, but that has since done the traditional interweb rounds at a frantic pace — successfully gives us one of our most compelling glimpses yet at The Flash's shiny new costume. That it comes from a behind the scenes image from the Suicide Squad set is simply a bonus — not least because it would seem to imply that at least part of Justice League may turn out to be told in flashback — or that the whole movie is set before Suicide Squad.

With intriguing questions like that raising their heads, then, let's hope for more snatched glimpses of Scarlet Speedsters in the near future — or, indeed, of any other heroes who feel like sticking their head up above the online parapet.

What do you think, though? How do you suppose The Flash's fancy costume fits into the DCEU's timeline? Let us know below!

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