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Barry Allen is almost ready to speed his way back onto our television screens as the Season 3 premiere of The Flash draws nearer. Fans are eagerly anticipating a trip into the unknown with "Flashpoint," the season premiere that will adapt DC Comics's alternate universe tale of the same name. And if you think a sprawling new universe deserves some exploration then you're in luck, because it looks like Season 3, Episode 2 will continue the madness.

Get ready for The Flash Season 3 with the trailer below:

It was recently revealed that Episode 2 will be titled "Paradox," a clear reference to the ramifications of Flashpoint that's also a nod DC's animated adaptation of the story, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Even more exciting, the official synopsis suggests that the episode will be focused on the aftermath of Flashpoint as opposed to the actual event itself:

THE AFTERMATH — Barry (Grant Gustin) realizes the effects from Flashpoint are much greater than he thought. Meanwhile, Barry meets new co-worker Julian Albert (Tom Felton) and is surprised by Julian’s immediate disdain for Barry. Ralph Hemecker directed the episode written by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing.

This not only highlights that there will be lasting effects of Flashpoint, it also potentially reveals the shocking truth about the length of the actual event.

Does Flashpoint Only Last For One Episode?

Can Barry save the day during Flashpoint?
Can Barry save the day during Flashpoint?

When Season 2 of The Flash ended, the Scarlet Speedster had just defeated the evil Zoom. But sick of all the death in his life, he decided to travel back in time to the night his mother was murdered to stop her death from ever transpiring, changing things forever. And because he altered the timeline, the Season 3 premiere will find Barry Allen in a completely unrecognizable world. His mother and father — who were both killed by evil speedsters in the show's main timeline — will be alive and well, meaning he won't have grown up with Joe and Iris West. Moreover, there will be an evil speedster running amok in Central City and Kid Flash, a.k.a. Wally West, will be that city's savior.

The Flash and Kid Flash in the Season 3 premiere. (via The CW)
The Flash and Kid Flash in the Season 3 premiere. (via The CW)

Things will be significantly different and it's because of this that many of us have been wondering how long Flashpoint would actually last, with some even hoping it would last all season. However, Grant Gustin recently confirmed that it wouldn't last all season long, stating:

"There will be ramifications all season long from Flashpoint. I think we can state Flashpoint does not last all season long, but there are permanent ramifications."

Gustin's comments support recent trailers that show us Barry as he begins to lose his memories, which are being replaced by memories from the Flashpoint timeline of a happier life lived with his loving parents. It looks like at the conclusion of "Flashpoint" Barry will have to make the heartbreaking choice between the life he lived and the life he always wanted. If you take the trailers and Gustin's comments into account alongside the Episode 2 synopsis, it sounds like we'll only be visiting the Flashpoint timeline for one episode, while the rest of Season 3 may be spent focusing on the aftermath of Barry's actions.

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The Paradoxical Aftermath

Tom Felton will portray Julian Albert on "The Flash".
Tom Felton will portray Julian Albert on "The Flash".

One thing that stands out from the synopsis of "Paradox" is the inclusion of Tom Felton's character, Julian Albert. Despite being one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the upcoming season, Felton has been noticeably absent from all of the trailers and promotional images released for the Season 3 premiere. He did confirm that his character's debut would impact Barry's actions, so his absence from the Season 3 promos was puzzling — until now.

Now, we know he'll make a grand debut in Season 3, Episode 2, and he could possibly be Flashpoint's biggest repercussion to the original timeline. Perhaps he is a character from the alternate timeline thrust into Barry's world, and that's motivating his disdain for Barry and the Flash.

Barry prepares to face The Rival in 'The Flash' Season 3. (via The CW)
Barry prepares to face The Rival in 'The Flash' Season 3. (via The CW)

But aside from Albert, what other major differences could manifest in the original timeline? Bare in mind we have yet to see which iteration of Harrison Wells will appear. We know Tom Cavanagh is returning as a series regular but with his Season 1 character dead and his Season 2 character having gone home to Earth-2, perhaps we will see a brand new Harrison Wells in Season 3 as a result of the Flashpoint event.

Furthermore, the following episodes will introduce classic Flash villains Mirror Master, the Top and Magenta. Perhaps they just never existed in the main timeline and now the creative team is using the aftermath of Flashpoint to introduce them. Thus, in effect, they will have kind of always been there. This would certainly be a way to avoid origin stories, but more importantly could bring a new team of Rogues to the show.

Flashpoint Rogues? Mirror Master, Top and Captain Cold.
Flashpoint Rogues? Mirror Master, Top and Captain Cold.

But perhaps the most intriguing thing is the return of Captain Cold in episode 4. Cold died a hero in Legends Of Tomorrow and although we knew he was returning to The Flash, we just assumed that he would be a part of the Flashpoint timeline — perhaps even as a villain once again. But if Flashpoint is indeed wrapped up in the season premiere, one of its paradoxical after effects may be the resurrection of Captain Cold. Remember, actor Wentworth Miller has signed a series regular contract across all of the CW's superhero shows, and Cold will appear as a member of the evil Legion of Doom on Legends Of Tomorrow. Perhaps the altered timeline version didn't die and is subsequently recruited by the villainous team.

A Strange New World

What's next for Barry Allen on 'The Flash'? (via The CW)
What's next for Barry Allen on 'The Flash'? (via The CW)

It sounds like we may only be visiting the Flashpoint timeline for one episode, but that doesn't mean its impact won't ripple outwards, affecting the main timeline and the show's foundations. When Barry chose to save his mother in the Season 2 finale, he single-handedly changed the world. And we know that there will not only be a brand new timeline, full of new faces and new threats, but that the original timeline will be dramatically altered.

Time strikes back in The Flash's Season 3 premiere:

Whether it's the sudden debut of Julian Albert or the loss of the parents he had in the Flashpoint timeline, Barry's going to have some catching up to do when he returns to the world he left last season. With literally safe from the aftermath of the Flash's actions, Episode 2 is set to put the "Paradox" in Flashpoint Paradox!

The Flash Season 3 premieres on October 4 on The CW. What do you think will happen in the wake of Flashpoint? Let us know in the comments below!



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