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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Flash Season 3.

The Flash previewed a brave new world in it's shocking season premiere last week as Barry was left to deal with the repercussions of saving his mom. The timeline may have been changed back — after much convincing on the part of Eobard Thawne — but unfortunately Barry wasn't getting off that easy.

"Flashpoint" changed things and the latest episode "Paradox" found Barry trying to firstly figure out what's going on and then try and fix the timeline. Packed with heart racing moments and more shocks than we've seen before, let's take a look at the most shocking moments from "Paradox."

1. Barry Explains The Timeline Alterations To Felicity

What did you do Barry? (via The CW)
What did you do Barry? (via The CW)

After the events of last week's episode, Barry was understandably shaken at all of the alterations made to the timeline. Not knowing who else to talk to, he raced to Star City to meet up with old pal Felicity to get some advice. Felicity couldn't believe what she was hearing but that's not even the most interesting part — the alterations to the timeline are bigger than Barry had thought. Much bigger.

Cisco's brother Dante was now dead and his relationship with Barry is on thin ice, Iris and Joe are no longer speaking to each other and perhaps the worst of all, Arrow's Diggle no longer has a daughter named Sara — instead he has a son named John. That's what you get for messing with the timeline, Barry.

2. The Rival Is Back

He's baaaaack. (via The CW)
He's baaaaack. (via The CW)

Barry confronted the Rival — another speedster — in the Flashpoint timeline last week and beat him in the process. This is why Barry was more confused than ever when the Rival showed up in the new timeline and what made matters worse was that the Rival could recall the events of the Flashpoint timeline too. Oh dear.

The pair engage in a heated chase before Barry loses him. I find it interesting that Barry was faced with whether or not to fill his teammates in on the identity of the Rival — it really set up a unique complex between the team as it meant Barry had to lie to them, perhaps for their own good.

3. The Return Of Earth-3's Flash

The Flash paid The Flash a visit. (via The CW)
The Flash paid The Flash a visit. (via The CW)

John Wesley Shipp's Flash from Earth-3 — the real Jay Garrick — made a much welcomed return in this week's episode and he did so to prevent Barry from going back in time again. Geez Barry, even people from other earths are involved in this mess.

Anyways, Jay had to fill Barry in on the fact that this is his new world now — there's no turning back. He made a mistake and now he has to live with his decision. I really liked how Barry immediately knew that he would have to fill his team in on what has been going on — he accepted that there is no going back and took his punishment. Sounds like redemption to me.

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4. Barry Explains The Consequences Of His Actions To The Team

Say what now? (via The CW)
Say what now? (via The CW)

In a heart-wrenching moment, Barry had to explain to his friends and family that their lives have all been altered — possibly for the worse — because of him and the decision that he made to save his mom. The team were rather frosty with him but his confession allowed Iris and Joe to reconcile their differences with one another.

The confession also allowed Cisco to see why Barry going back to save his brother would be a really bad idea. Barry was almost outcast by his friends and as much as I love the character of Barry, this scene was needed to highlight the selfishness of his decision.

5. Cisco Saves The Day And Looks So Badass Doing It

Cisco "Vibe" Ramone just saved the day. (via The CW)
Cisco "Vibe" Ramone just saved the day. (via The CW)

While debating whether or not they wanted to know about the Flashpoint version of themselves, the team decided that Barry made a mistake but that he deserves another chance. However, while they were busy making that decision Barry was getting his ass kicked again by the Rival. When Caitlin became aware of Barry's location, the team knew that they must help out their friend.

Cisco arrived in the knick of time to blow the Rival away from Barry with his Vibe gloves. it was awesome and Cisco looked so badass all suited up. For the first time, Cisco saved the day by leaving his computer desk. Barry later comments how this team-up could become a regular thing. I'd personally love to see Cisco get more involved in the crime-fighting side of things — he's definitely cut out for the task.

6. Caitlin Is Killer Frost

The timeline change has left Caitlin feeling a little cold. (via The CW)
The timeline change has left Caitlin feeling a little cold. (via The CW)

After the team had reconciled their differences and had began to resemble their former versions, Barry explained to Caitlin how she was the only one who wasn't affected at all. At least that's what he thinks.

In a chilling moment — if you'll excuse the pun — Caitlin removes her hand from under the desk which is now cold as ice — could we be seeing the rise of Earth-1 Killler Frost in our beloved Caitlin Snow? It's a huge possibility thanks to Barry and his time-traveling obsession.

Also, Caitlin's mom is going to be showing up this season and the two apparently have a frosty relationship (is it too much with the cold puns?) so I think it'll be pretty awesome to see how their relationship could've been affected by Flashpoint.

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The Flash continues to prove why it's The CW's top show with a great mix of drama, humor and enough jaw-dropping moments to leave viewers gasping for a week. With Supergirl officially joining The CW's line-up, as well as the four-show crossover, it's likely that there will be plenty of heart-racing moments left to come for us in the third season.

The Flash airs Wednesdays on The CW. What was your favorite moment from Season 3, Episode 2? Tell me in the comment section below.


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