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Last night, The Flash returned with a bang with the third season premiere titled "Flashpoint." Like the episode title implies, we were able to see how Barry changed the timeline after preventing the Reverse-Flash from killing his mother and what some of the consequences were for his actions. In a twist not many people saw coming, Barry decided very quickly to reverse the timeline back to normal by letting Eobard Thawne kill his mother in only one episode.

Many followers of the show questioned how long the Flashpoint event would last and many fans felt like the show should have waited until Season 4 or 5 and play the Flashpoint event out on a larger scale for half to a full season. Instead, the Flashpoint event itself only lasted one episode. However, just because Barry reversed the timeline doesn't mean the consequences of his actions will just fade away.

After the season premiere, Barry has reversed the timeline but things aren't exactly back to normal. At the end of "Flashpoint," we saw that Joe and Iris aren't talking in this new, altered timeline. Why they are not talking is unclear as we were left on a semi-cliffhanger but it may be for the same reasons why Iris was frustrated with her father in the Flashpoint timeline last episode, even though Joe doesn't seem like he is a drunk in this current timeline Barry has constructed. I was able to construct a better picture of what will be going down in the next episode after viewing these two promos.

"Big Mistake" Promo for the Upcoming Episode "Paradox" Reveals That We Are Not Done with Flashpoint Just Yet

Two promos for next week's episode of The Flash, "Paradox," were recently released onto the internet. The first promo trailer titled "Big Mistake" is a full minute long and shows the audience a glimpse of what to expect next Tuesday.

In the promo, we see that Jay Garrick will show up and speak to Barry about how changing the timeline could result in many negative consequences. He is not the only person appearing from another Earth this episode as Harry and Jesse will also make a return to the show and it will be revealed that Jesse has speedster powers. This is most likely the reason why they will be returning to Earth-1.

The synopsis for the third episode, "Magenta," not only reveals that Jesse has speedster powers but how Harrison Wells will feel about Jesse using here powers to fight crime:

Wells asks Barry and Caitlin to talk Jesse out of using her speedster powers; Magenta uses a power to control metal to terrorize the city. -'The Flash' Season 3, Episode 3: 'Magenta'

Harrison Wells will react like any other father would to their daughter fighting crime. This is not the only time we have seen this in the Arrow-verse but with Quentin Lance on Arrow being cautious with both of his daughters taking up the mantle of the Black Canary. Harrison Wells will go through an interesting character arc where he will have to learn to accept Jesse using her speedster powers for the greater good and fight alongside Barry and Wally. In this episode, we will see Team Flash go through a training session and that itself will be a very awesome montage to view.

One more notable character return to The Flash next episode is none other than Captain Cold. We saw him sacrifice his life in Legends of Tomorrow and now after Barry has changed the timeline, is Captain Cold alive and is he still a villain or does he still retain some heroic traits? It will be interesting to see how the time-traveling team-up series will be affected by Flashpoint and how it will handle these changes.

"Paradox" Trailer Reveals Even More Footage

This other promo for next week's episode of The Flash shows us a preview of some other happenings that will occur. For instance, it seems like Cisco is having a lot of issues in this current version of the timeline as in the promo, we see him attending a grief support group where he tells Barry he wasn't there for him. If I had to guess what happened to Cisco, it would probably be that his brother, Dante, passed away. We aren't perfectly clear on Cisco's personal life but when we do hear about it, Dante is usually involved. Plus, most of the time a person would attend a grief support group would be due to a death in the family or a close friend.

Read up on The Flash:

In fact, it appears that Cisco isn't the only person ticked off at Barry. Towards the end of the trailer, we see Iris getting up in Barry's face, demanding him to tell her what is going on. This trailer also shows our first look at Tom Felton's character Julian Dorn, who will be working alongside Barry. However, Felton's character will have a big issue with Barry. In the promo, we hear him say "There is something not right about you."

Some other notable appearances in this promo is the return of Felicity Smoak. It seems like Barry will be extremely stressed out and will just have to go talk to a friend in Star City. Felicity seems to be acting a lot less melodramatic from what we've seen from her this TV season and we hope that it will stay that way on Arrow. It was also revealed that Dr. Alchemy will be making his first appearance on The Flash and it seems to be he will present himself as a big threat.

Most importantly of all though is that Caitlin Snow will have her frost powers as seen in the trailer. Whether she had just discovered these powers or if she gained them after Barry messed up the timeline, all that matters now is that we are one step closer to Caitlin Snow's transformation into Killer Frost.


What are you most excited to see next week on "The Flash"?

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