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Believe it or not, the third season of The Flash has already aired five episodes and in the latest, "Monster," some really cool things go down, relationships are repaired, and many things are set up for future episodes. While the third season may not have started off on the strongest note, the show is beginning to come back and is doing a magnificent job juggling all of the different storylines the show deals with. Let's look at what happened this episode on The Flash and what it set up for the future of the show.

H.R. Wells Reveals His True Motives To Team Flash

Team Flash has had their ups and downs with all versions of Harrison Wells. Last episode, a new Harrison Wells was brought onto Earth-1 and they actually went in a new, interesting direction with the character.

Throughout the episode, Cisco was fully aware that Wells, otherwise known as H.R. Wells, was keeping secrets from the team and that there was just something up with his character. Given the fact that Team Flash hasn't had great experiences with Harrison Wells keeping secrets from them, this really began to get on Cisco's nerves. By the end of the episode, it turned out that H.R. Wells was hiding something indeed.

We find out that H.R. Wells has been lying to Team Flash about him being a scientist and that in reality, he is just a man with ideas and motivation. On his Earth, people found out he was a fraud and they began to dislike him. Because of that, he traveled to Earth-1 to write a novel to retain his status. He convinces Team Flash to let him stay with them for just a few more weeks to prove his worthiness and they agreed.

Moving forward, Team Flash will probably begin to realize that H.R. Wells actually helps the team work efficiently and running smoothly while at the same time providing knowledge and a helping hand. On a serious note, the show and audience both know he is an annoying character and he will probably only stay on the show for a few more episodes until Harry and Jesse Quick return.

The Monster Is Defeated While Barry And Julian Make Peace

For four or five episodes now, the audience has witnessed the rugged conflict between Barry and his new partner, Julian Albert. Until this episode, we were not sure why Julian always acted like a complete jerk and is always hating on Barry. Now in "Monster," the show finally dived deep into this conflict and some things were definitely sorted out.

Barry was getting sick and tired of not getting along with Julian and he even tried to mentor Julian to make him feel superior to Barry. Not only did we learn that Julian despises metahumans and that he doesn't understand them but that he is jealous of them and would like to harness the powers of a metahuman and do good with it. After finding out that a single person was controlling the monster, Julian tried to shoot the target, not knowing he was 15 years old. Fortunately, the Flash came by to save the day and caught the bullet and saved the troubled child's life.

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This event took a toll on Julian, which lead to him opening up to Barry about how he was an odd child who came from a very wealthy family in England. He always wanted to do more with his life and didn't want to be like them so he ran away to become a scientist, but now that he has become a successful scientist, metahumans have popped up around Central City and he feels powerless against stopping them. Barry comforts Julian and in the end, Julian apologizes for his behavior and they end up going out for a drink.

There are a lot of different ways the show could use Julian Albert, but I think it was made pretty clear which path the character will take after last night's episode. Next episode, we will see Barry and Julian become closer and eventually, Barry will reveal that he is the Flash and will introduce Julian to the team. The show will make Julian a very sensible character and the audience will begin to care about him.

Then in either Episode 9 or 10 (after the 3-hour crossover), I think we will find out that he is the true identity of Dr. Alchemy. However, like the comics, he will have a multiple personality disorder and he will not be able to control the "Dr. Alchemy" side of himself. Team Flash will have to find a way to defeat Dr. Alchemy but save Julian and not destroy him. By then, it will probably be the mid-season finale and after Dr. Alchemy is taken care of, Savitar will be weaved into the equation.

Caitlin Begins To Transform Into Killer Frost

In this episode, we really saw the beginning of Caitlin Snow's transformation into the villainous Killer Frost. We have seen Caitlin hiding her powers from the rest of the team and when things begin to get progressively worse, she seeks out help from her mother. We find out that they don' have the best relationship because Caitlin's mother pushed her away after the death of her ill father.

When her mother fails to comfort her, Caitlin becomes very anxious and lashes out on her mother's lab assistant, almost killing him with her dangerous powers. At the end of the episode, it is revealed by Caitlin's mother that the more she uses her powers, the worse things will get and it will become much harder to reverse the powers she had received.

This episode revealed a lot to what will happen with Caitlin. You may have noticed all of the Star Wars references this episode had, but there were much deeper Easter eggs to the iconic franchise. Caitlin is becoming more frightened with her powers as she gets progressively worse and she is not handling the situation well. Like Master Yoda once said "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." That is the icy path Caitlin Snow will go down this season and it will be interesting to see whether or not Team Flash will be able to save her. However, the episode touched on how her powers will become "not reversible" and it makes it seem like Killer Frost might not return to the light side of the Force after all.

What's Happening Next On The Flash?

After reading this article, you have probably realized that there's a lot going on in these next fewf episodes. I'll try to map out what I think will happen on The Flash up to the mid-season finale.

  • Season 3, Episode 6: "Shade"

The sixth episode, “Shade,” will follow Wally West as he begins having dreams about his alternate timeline self. Barry will realize exactly what is going on with Wally and why it is happening and he will have to open up to Joe, Iris, and even Wally himself about how he was a speedster in the Flashpoint timeline and how Dr. Alchemy is granting people their powers from that timeline, which includes Wally becoming a speedster, to keep Wally safe. However, will this make Wally even more curious with giving into Alchemy as he has showed interest in becoming a hero with powers?

  • Season 3, Episode 7: "Killer Frost"

This episode is where Caitlin will fully transform into Killer Frost and start to cause havoc. Barry and the rest of the team will have to try and save Caitlin from going down the wrong path or will have to cope with the fact that it may be too late for poor Caitlin. There will most likely be a resolution to all of this, at least a temporary one, given what is going on next episode.

  • Season 3, Episode 8: "Invasion!"

This episode is apart of the epic three hour crossover between all four CW superhero shows which will feature more than 20 superheroes from The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. They will all team up to fight the Dominators, who are a group of evil aliens, attempting to invade Earth. It's safe to say this will be a pretty epic episode.

  • Season 3, Episode 9 and On

From here on to the mid-season finale, the show will really focus on defeating Dr. Alchemy while at the same time saving Julian Albert. He will be taken care of by the mid-season finale for sure so the show can focus on the real big bad: Savitar. Also, Wally will probably become Kid Flash in this timeline and Harry and Jesse Quick will return to Earth-1. So, by the mid-season finale, Central City will have three speedsters.

What did you guys think of this episode? What do you expect moving forward? Tell me below!


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