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When we first heard that The Flash would be introducing Elongated Man in Season 4, we knew the show would be providing us with some crazy moments. Well, that's exactly what we got in the latest episode.

Continuing on from the incredibly light tone this season, "When Harry Met Harry..." was rife with humorous moments, that never failed to make us chuckle. However, there were plenty of shocking scenes as well, with Team Flash edging closer to discovering the identity of this season's Big Bad as they were busy training a new superhero.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the four most jaw-dropping moments from The Flash Season 4, Episode 6, "When Harry Met Harry...".

1. Harry Introduces Us To The Council Of Wells

Despite all of the crazy things that happen in Central City, Team Flash found it impossible to believe that Harry had actually made some friends. The moody Earth-2 version of Harrison Wells isn't renowned for his social skills, and thus, it's always been hard for him to communicate with others. However, Harry surprised us all and recruited his friends to help him figure out DeVoe's identity.

But what we weren't expecting was that his friends were actually different versions of himself from the multiverse. Among them, we were introduced to Earth-12's incredibly smart (and arrogant) Harrison Wolfgang Wells, Earth-47's billionaire inventor and publishing tycoon H. Lothario Wells and the post-apocalyptic Earth 22 cyborg known as Wells 2.0. And let's not forget about the brief cameo from the Gandalf-like, Wells The Gray.

2. Elongated Man Fails To Save The Little Girl

The Flash helps the little girl. [Credit: The CW]
The Flash helps the little girl. [Credit: The CW]

After his first encounter with the episodes main villain (Mina Chayton), Barry allowed her to get away in order to save the rather pompous collector. However, he was criticized by new superhero, Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man for letting her escape. But the Scarlet Speedster defended his decision, rightfully claiming that it's more important to save human lives than it is to catch the bad guy.

But Elongated Man didn't listen to Barry's words of wisdom and when they confronted the villain again, things didn't go well for the two . As Mina brought a statue to life with her newfound meta abilities, Barry found himself with a wounded leg, rendering him unable to save the civilians who were caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile, Dibny used his stretchy arm to catch Mina's car, and prevent her from leaving.

But while he may have caught her, the damage had been done; as a telephone pole had fallen on a little girl. Thankfully, Barry was able to lift the pole and get her medical attention, but the accident hit Ralph hard. In that moment, he realized that Barry was right and that he should have been more concerned with helping the little girl. And later in the episode, he proved that he had learned his lesson when he saved a security guard and visited the little girl, using his abilities to cheer her up.

3. Jurassic Park In Central City

The Flash and Elongated Man encounter a T-Rex. [Credit: The CW]
The Flash and Elongated Man encounter a T-Rex. [Credit: The CW]

After escaping from prison once more, Mina turned her attention to the Central City museum in a bid to reclaim that fully reunited necklace. But her attempt was once again stopped by The Flash and Elongated Man, who turned up just as she was leaving. But that didn't stop her from trying to distract them.

Using her new meta abilities, Mina brought another inanimate object to life. However, this time, it was a giant T-Rex skeleton. Unsure of what to do, Dibny turned to the one thing he thought could help: Jurassic Park. Humorously quoting the beloved film, he remarked that he and Barry should remain still. But given that the T-Rex wasn't actually alive, the plan failed as the skeleton charged towards them.

As Elongated Man muttered to himself, "We have a T-Rex," he was able to save an unsuspecting security guard, before subduing the beast by wrapping his stretchy limbs around its mouth.

4. Barry Meets Clifford DeVoe

Clifford DeVoe meets Barry Allen. [Credit: The CW]
Clifford DeVoe meets Barry Allen. [Credit: The CW]

After the council of Wells finally figured out that the mysterious "DeVoe" Barry had been worried about was 92 percent likely to be recluse Clifford DeVoe, the Scarlet Speedster and Joe decided to pay him a visit. But what they didn't know was that The Thinker was expecting them.

Barry and Joe were a little perplexed as they met Clifford's "wife" (who was really his trusty sidekick, The Mechanic). But they were completely caught off-guard as she introduced them to the man himself. Clifford approached the CCPD members in a wheelchair — wearing a nice cardigan as he appeared beside his apparent wife.

Gone was the black helmet, robotic voice, face helmet and flying chair, and in their place was a seemingly harmless man. This drastically different appearance didn't just ensure that he was a far cry from what Barry was expecting, it also made virtually unrecognizable to us as well.

With Team Flash now finally face-to-face with their new archenemy, it's going to be interesting to see what comes next for Barry Allen and his heroic friends. Now that DeVoe has caught them all off-guard and revealed himself in such an open manner, it's clear that he could very well be their most intimidating Big Bad yet.

Four seasons in, Barry has outrun just about any threat that has come his way. But will the Scarlet Speedster be able to out-think the Thinker?

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