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(Disclaimer: The following article contains massive spoilers for The Flash. Continue at your own risk!)

Since the premiere of The Flash, the show has always built up mystery around the identity of its villains. In the first season, the mystery involving the identity of the Reverse-Flash was one that had fans guessing until halfway through the season. Last season, the big mystery was finding out who was, and what his true motives were. This season, we had a different type of villain, — but fans were again befuddled by who this person really was.

Dr. Alchemy Revealed!

Image- The CW
Image- The CW

Well folks, the guessing game is over for the identity: Dr. Alchemy has been revealed. At the end of the episode "Killer Frost", we learned who was hiding behind the mask. That person was of course, Barry's co-worker (and Draco Malfoy copycat), Julian Albert. This is not a complete shock to fans, some of whom guessed it was Albert when he arrived on the show. It would appear that Albert is in league with the real big bad of the show: The God Of Speed, .

Watch the reveal of Dr. Alchemy's identity below:

More Questions Than Answers

At the end of the episode "Killer Frost", Savitar told Julian to don Alchemy's mask "once more" — but Julian's terror and reluctance confused things somewhat. It almost seemed like this was the first time that he had been presented with the mask. He seemed genuinely frightened by the sound of Savitar's voice, and not at all pleased to see the new God of Speed. This brings up 2 possibilities: either he can't recollect what happens when he puts on the mask, or he hasn't done any of the things that Alchemy has done yet — I'm of course referring to time-travel.

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

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We have seen everything that Alchemy has done, but we haven't seen it from his perspective. Even though Julian was investigating Dr. Alchemy, he may not have become him yet. This can get rather confusing, but it is a possibility. We witnessed first-hand that Savitar is by far the fastest speedster that has been introduced on The Flash. We can safely assume that Savitar is more than capable of time-travel. His fellow apostle told Caitlin that Savitar has seen the future, which hints that he lives outside of normal time restraints.

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

Time-travel is likely not the case, since it would be very convoluted — albeit far more interesting — and Julian has most likely been working with Savitar the whole time. Regardless of when or how long Julian has been working for him, more questions are raised regarding both Alchemy and Savitar. Some of the more pertinent questions are:

  • How long has Julian been working for Savitar?
  • Why does he seem so reluctant to keep working for him?
  • What is Julian's relationship with him?
  • Where do both Julian and Savitar come from?
  • Are they both remnants of Flashpoint?
  • What is their relation to Flash/Barry Allen?
  • Who actually is Alchemy — future Julian? Current Julian? A sentient mask Julian wears?!
Image - The CW
Image - The CW

Patience Is A Virtue

Sadly, we don't have a clue as to what the answers to these questions are. However, we are less than halfway through the season, which means there is plenty of time to discover the truth. Each episode will move the show forward, and help us piece together the puzzle that has been laid out before us. As we have seen in seasons past, we are never left with unanswered questions — and for that we are grateful.

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The third season of The Flash is shaping up to be one of the most engaging yet - even if we are dealing with another speedster. We have 2 separate villains that are working together towards a common goal, and they don't seem to be attacking Barry personally, he is merely in their way - which is a nice change of pace from prior seasons. At the end of the day, we can speculate until we are blue in the face, but we have to be patient. All good things come to those who wait - and watch The Flash on The CW, Tuesdays 8PM/ET!

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